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Software13 May


wipe iOS without upgrade.
Wipera1n image

Wipera1n is a handy tool for checkm8 that lets you erase your device without having to update to the newest iOS version. This comes in handy if your device...

Software07 May

Legacy iOS Kit

all-in-one tool for legacy iPhones.
Legacy iOS Kit image

iOS-OTA-Downgrader, also known as the Legacy iOS Kit, stands out as the all-in-one solution for restoring/downgrading, preserving SHSH blobs, and jailbreaking...

Software28 Apr


A7 downgrade tool.
Semaphorin image

Semaphorin originated from johndoe123's iOS 7 Tethered Downgrade guide and has evolved into a solution for downgrading A7, A8, A8X, and A9 devices, including...

Software26 Apr


the all-in-one tool for iOS.
3uTools image

Download the latest version of 3uTools for Mac and Windows 11. Use this all-in-one iPhone Helper to jailbreak, crack forgotten passcode, flash iOS firmware...

Software23 Apr


AltStore that doesn't require AltServer.
SideStore image

If you're looking for a way to install and sign IPA files on your device without using AltServer, SideStore may be the solution you need. As an open source...

Software11 Apr

Limefix SEP Utility

restore IPWS without blobs.
Limefix SEP Utility image

In 2020, the Pangu Jailbreak Team divulged insights from a security conference, shedding light on the Secure Enclave Processor (SEP) and a vulnerability they...

Software08 Apr


inject iOS jailbreak tweaks.
Azule image

Adding features to iOS app is possible through various tools designed to inject jailbreak tweaks into restricted apps. While options like Sideloadly offer...

Software03 Apr


checkm8 iOS downgrade tool.
Deleo image

One of the leading solutions for downgrading iOS to an unsigned firmware version using blobs is futurerestore. However, the landscape has recently witnessed...

Software28 Mar

SkyNet Purple Configurator

SysCFG Editor for Windows.
SkyNet Purple Configurator image

SkyNet has gained prominence for their iCloud bypass tools, both with and without signal support, catering to iPhones. Recently, they released a new Windows...

Software26 Mar

Mobile Security Framework

malware analysis for IPA.
Mobile Security Framework image

Several tools are available for analyzing iOS apps and IPA files, catering to various needs such as pen-testing, malware analysis, and security assessments...

Software20 Jan


download IPA files from App Store.
IPATool image

When you log in to App Store on your device, and you decide to install an app, there is no option to get the IPA file. IPATool connects to iTunes and the App...

Software16 Jan

Cowabunga Lite

Toolbox for iOS 15 & iOS 16.
Cowabunga Lite image

Cowabunga Lite is a jailed customization Toolbox designed for iOS 15 and above, compatible with all iOS devices. Access to a range of customization options...