IPSW Download Tool

    ex. iPhone 7, Apple TV, or Mac

    IPSW Download Tool FAQ

    1What is IPSW Download Tool?

    IPSW Download Tool is a web-based, and free search engine for swiftly locating and acquiring IPSW images for a wide range of Apple devices, including iPhones, iPods, iPads, MacBooks, MacBook Pros, Mac Studios, Apple TVs, iMacs, iBridge, and HomePods. It grants you direct access to the all firmware releases directly from Apple servers, whether they are signed or unsigned. Make this handy tool your trusted companion for effortlessly tracking down and downloading IPSW firmware.

    2How to download IPSW images?

    IPSW Download Tool offers a simple way to download IPSW images for all Apple devices and provides a quick check of their current IPSW Signing Status. To use this tool, you can either enter your iDevice identifier or, for added convenience, specify your device's model name, and the IPSW Download Tool will generate the Identifier ID for your iDevice required to download the IPSW files.

    3What is IPSW file?

    IPSW (iPhone Software) serves as the file format essential for installing iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, macOS, and HomePod firmware on Apple devices. By utilizing the IPSW Download Tool, you not only gain access to an extensive list of firmware versions compatible with your chosen device, but also the capability to effortlessly download all avaialble IPSW images directly from Apple servers.

    4Can I download unsigned IPSW?

    IPSW Download Tool serves as your portal to access not only the latest signed IPSW images for a wide range of Apple devices, including iPhone, iPod, iPad, MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac Studio, Apple TV, iMac, iBridge, and HomePod, but also provides access to all unsigned releases of IPSW files. This resource is essential for researchers, providing a comprehensive overview of all firmware releases.

    5What IPSW images are available for download?

    IPSW Download Tool provides access to a wide array of firmware images, including iOS IPSW, iPadOS IPSW, macOS IPSW, tvOS IPSW, iBridge IPSW, and HomePod IPSW. You can download both signed and unsigned IPSW files, check signing status, and firmware release.

    6Are IPSW Beta available for download?

    IPSW Download Tool offers access to stable IPSW releases provided directly by Apple. It's important to note that IPSW Beta releases are restricted to developers who are participating in the paid Apple Developer Program. Therefore, IPSW Download does not index or provide access to those beta files.

    7How to restore my iPhone without iTunes?

    Signed IPSW images can be restored to your iDevice via iTunes or the Finder app. Nonetheless, for a more efficient approach to flash your iPhone or any other Apple device, consider using 3uTools. This Windows software enables you to flash IPSW images onto all compatible devices, eliminating the necessity for iTunes. 3uTools can also download IPSW files for recognized devices.