IPA Files

Download IPA files for iOS apps and games available or not in the App Store. Jailbreak tools are also included.

IPA Files17 May


GBA, GBA, N64, SNES, DS, GEN emulation for iOS.
Delta image

Modern mobile devices are packed with powerful processors and graphic chips that can easily handle classic video games from popular video...

IPA Files17 May


alternative YouTube frontend.
Yattee image

Yattee is an exceptional iOS application that provides unparalleled privacy on the YouTube platform, shielding users from Google's surveillance tactics. With...

IPA Files15 May


PSP emulator for iOS.
PPSSPP image

Turn your iPhone into a PSP console with PPSSPP for iOS 9 – iOS 17. Modern iPhones run a fast CPU and GPU. PPSSPP for iOS lets you easily convert your mobile...

IPA Files13 May


Pokemon GO Spoofer for iOS.
SpooferX image

Pokemon GO is one of the most popular mobile games in the world. Now, with an app like SpooferX for iOS, caching new Pokemon can be much easier. Add new exciting...

IPA Files11 May


audio recorder for TrollStore.
TrollRecorder image

One of the greatest call recording options for TrollStore is TrollRecorder. Its core features, which were first made available as an open-source project, are...

Jailbreak08 May

Serotonin Jailbreak

for iOS 16 - iOS 16.6.1
Serotonin Jailbreak image

Serotonin, developed by hrtowii, stands out as a fascinating project to serve as a non/semi-jailbreak solution for 16.0 through 16.6.1, iOS 17 is not supported...

Jailbreak07 May

Dopamine Jailbreak

for iOS 15 - iOS 16
Dopamine Jailbreak image

Lars Fröder has announced the rebranding of Fugu15 Max to Dopamine. This newly developed jailbreak is specifically designed to provide A12+ devices running...

IPA Files02 May


run unsigned app without installing.
LiveContainer image

Enthusiastic iOS users continuously seek opportunities to sideload apps onto their devices from non-Apple-approved sources. This pursuit has led to the creation...

IPA Files30 Apr


Status Bar widgets for TrollStore.
Helium image

Helium is a tool from leminlimez that introduces a unique feature for TrollStore devices. This tool integrates widgets directly into the Status Bar in iOS...

IPA Files30 Apr

UTM for iOS

virtualization for iOS.
UTM for iOS image

Project Sandcastle enables users to run Android and Linux on iPhones by loading the system to RAMDisk. However, achieving this requires meeting numerous specific...

IPA Files29 Apr


battery charging tool.
ChargeLimiter image

Optimizing the charging routine for your iPhone can significantly reduce battery wear and extend its lifespan. Employing ChargeLimiter is an effective way...

IPA Files28 Apr


on-device IPA signing tool.
GBox image

If you jailbreak your iOS device, you won't have to worry about app revokes or signing IPA files. However, if you prefer a non-jailbroken environment, you...