IPA Files23 Feb

Run Windows and Linux on iOS using UTM

Project Sandcastle enables users to run Android and Linux on iPhones by loading the system to RAMDisk. However, achieving this requires meeting numerous specific requirements. Enter UTM, a virtualization software for iOS that empowers users to run...

Jailbreak21 Feb

Dopamine 2.0 Jailbreak

Dopamine 2.0 Jailbreak image

Lars Fröder has announced the rebranding of Fugu15 Max to Dopamine. This newly developed jailbreak is specifically designed to provide A12+ devices running...

IPA Files21 Feb


AppDump2 image

AppDump2 harnesses the capabilities of TrollStore 2 to decrypt iOS apps, allowing users to save them as binary or IPA files for seamless sharing with others...

Research21 Feb

How to decrypt iOS backup

How to decrypt iOS backup image

By default, local iPhone backups are not encrypted, although it's strongly advised to enable encryption for enhanced security. When encryption is enabled...

Research20 Feb


SparkCode image

In the realm of iOS app development, the conventional approach often demands a computer and supplementary libraries to compile apps for sideloading. However...

Tweaks20 Feb


vnodebypass image

How many apps did not run on your iPhone because you decided to jailbreak the iOS system? vnodebypass is a free tweak to bypass jailbreak detection allowing...

Tweaks20 Feb


Axon image

Until iOS 16 Apple didn't change too much the notification system looks on the Lock Screen. BlackBerry created BlackBerry Hub or known as Priority Hub to manage...

Tweaks20 Feb


A-Font image

How many times did you see an iOS Home Screen with awesome font, and you are wondering how it's done? BawAppie created a tweak allowing you to customize your...

iOS Apps20 Feb

AudioRecorder XS

AudioRecorder XS image

AudioRecorder XS stands out as a pioneer in the realm of phone call recording for iOS devices. It remains the leading solution for anyone seeking to record...

Tweaks20 Feb


PrimeDeck image

Recently, 0xkuj released an updated version of PrimeDeck, his tweak designed to enhance the functionality of the App Switcher within jailbroken iOS environments...

Research19 Feb

What are mobile VPNs

What are mobile VPNs image

Online content can now be accessed through a variety of smart devices, including mobile phones. Streaming movies, using social media, and even checking email...

IPA Files19 Feb


SpooferX image

Pokemon GO is one of the most popular mobile games in the world. Now, with an app like SpooferX for iOS, caching new Pokemon can be much easier. Add new exciting...

Research18 Feb

Jailbreak iOS 16

Jailbreak iOS 16 image

This guide will comprehensively lead you through the process of jailbreak iOS 16. Initially launched in 2022, iOS 16 was swiftly subject to jailbreaking, primarily...