Explore the latest jailbreak tweaks to personalize your iPhone or iPad. We higlight only the best tweaks for rootul and rootless environments.

Tweaks20 May


ChatGPT for Siri.
SiriPlus image

Siri made its debut as an app for iOS in February 2010. Just two months later, Apple recognized its potential and acquired it, seamlessly integrating it into...

Tweaks19 May

ClassicFolders 3

classic folders on iOS 13+.
ClassicFolders 3 image

ClassicFolders 3 was a popular paid jailbreak tweak released by CoolStar that brought the iOS 6 folders look with a modern twist to iOS 13.0 - 14.8.1. After...

Tweaks15 May

Mitsuha 6

Mitsuha 6 for iOS 15+.
Mitsuha 6 image

Mitsuha 6 is a modern version of the Mitsuha Forever jailbreak tweak that brings audio visualizations to the music apps on iOS devices. An unofficial rootless...

Tweaks13 May


iOS customization tweak.
Misaki image

Jailbreaking your device unlocks a realm of customization within the iOS system, allowing you to tailor it to your preferences without constraints. Misaki...

Tweaks13 May


gradient Dock background.
Navale image

Navale, originally developed by Lacertosus, was an excellent jailbreak tweak for iOS 11 – iOS 14 that allowed users to customize the Dock by adding a gradient...

Tweaks13 May


display cozy badges under icons.
CozyBadges image

If you are bored with the style of badges that appear on the app icon when you have a notification you can try the CozyBadges tweak that replaces it with colorful...

Tweaks11 May


App Switcher UI.
Witcher image

A new modification that modifies the way users may interact with the App Switcher has been introduced to the jailbreak community by MatoiDev. While most jailbreak...

Tweaks09 May


Emoji Bar for keyboard.
Barmoji image

If you're looking to enhance your emoji typing experience on iOS devices, Barmoji is an innovative and popular jailbreak tweak worth considering. This tweak...

Tweaks09 May


music player for Lock Screen.
HALO image

HALO, developed by uz.ra, stands as an innovative jailbreak tweak that transforms the Lock Screen music player widget, infusing it with a theme inspired...

Tweaks08 May


force network connection.
NetworkManager image

A fork of NetworkManager, created initially by NoisyFlake, who stepped away from jailbreak tweak development, was recently released and is called NetworkManager...

Tweaks08 May


iOS 16 Lock Screen music player.
Resentment image

uz.ra has pleasantly surprised us once again by delivering a new jailbreak tweak. Its primary objective? To replace the iOS 16 Lock Screen music player with...

Tweaks05 May


always on display tweak for iOS.
LastLook image

There are a few tweaks that create a desire to immediately install jailbreak on your iPhone or iPad and LastLook by AnthoPak is one of them. It's an always...