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Tweaks16 Apr


SplitView/SlideOver for all apps.
SplitViewEverywhere image

SplitView and SlideOver are multitasking features introduced in iPadOS. With the newly released jailbreak tweak, SplitViewEverywhere, you can now enable these...

Tweaks16 Apr


kill all apps tweak.
KillBackground13 image

Frequent usage of your iPhone often leads to numerous apps running in the background, which can drain your battery life. However, by jailbreaking your device...

Tweaks15 Apr


Spotify player for Lock Screen.
Juin image

Litten originally introduced the Juin tweak, enabling users of jailbroken devices to enjoy a Spotify-like player directly on their Lock Screen. Initially tailored...

Tweaks15 Apr


animated notifications.
Bloom image

Notifications on iOS devices serve as handy alerts, displaying new messages, app updates, reminders, and more directly on the Lock Screen within Notification...

Tweaks13 Apr


adaptive keyboard for iOS.
ADKeyboard image

By default, the system keyboard on iOS offers only two color modes - one for Dark mode and the other for Light mode. However, if you have a jailbroken device...

Tweaks12 Apr


simple clipboard manager for iOS.
Kayoko image

If you frequently use the copy and paste feature on your iOS device, you'll surely find Alexandra Aurora Göttlicher Kayoko tweak incredibly useful. This clipboard...