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Not every great iOS app makes it to the App Store, but we've discovered some hidden gems just for you. Whether you're using an iPhone, iPod, or iPad, we cover the best mobile applications available for both iOS and iPadOS.

DolphiniOS image
Emulators11 min read

Transform your iPhone into a portable gaming console by using the Dolphin emulator for iOS. This app allows you to play GameCube and Wii games on your iOS device. DolphiniOS can be easily installed on both non-jailbroken and jailbroken iDevices. ...

Mar 12, 2024
Reveil image
TrollStore Apps4 min read

Reveil, created by Lakr Aream and Lessica, stands as a cutting-edge open-source system and security analysis tool tailored for iOS, drawing inspiration from Pwn20wnd's Unveil. Distinguished by its advanced capabilities, this tool employs sophisticated techniques to identify...

Mar 07, 2024
TrollApps image
TrollStore Apps5 min read

TrollApps has undergone a comprehensive overhaul, introducing a fresh interface, compatibility with AltStore repositories, and overall enhancements in app speed. Positioned as a robust App Store alternative, this application provides users access to IPA packages that can...

Mar 06, 2024
BlackHole image
iOS Apps6 min read

While there are numerous streaming platforms available for listening to music, many of them require payment or are loaded with ads. However, BlackHole is a music player that offers all the features without any interruptions from ads or subscription fees....

Mar 01, 2024
Limón image
Emulators4 min read

The Nintendo 3DS, introduced in 2011, stands as a handheld gaming console crafted by Nintendo. Its moniker, "3DS," denotes its standout characteristic: the absence of glasses for...

Mar 01, 2024
Geranium image
TrollStore Apps6 min read

Geranium, crafted by c22dev, stands as a versatile tool designed for iOS 15 to iOS 16, providing an array of impressive features tailored for TrollStore compatible devices. Among its...

Feb 23, 2024
AppDump2 image
TrollStore Apps4 min read

AppDump2 harnesses the capabilities of TrollStore 2 to decrypt iOS apps, allowing users to save them as binary or IPA files for seamless sharing with others. The decrypted apps become...

Feb 21, 2024
AudioRecorder XS image
iOS Apps7 min read

AudioRecorder XS stands out as a pioneer in the realm of phone call recording for iOS devices. It remains the leading solution for anyone seeking to record conversations on their iPhone...

Feb 20, 2024
uYou image
iOS Apps8 min read

There are many tweaks to disable ads in the YouTube app and add some useful features like Picture-in-Picture, background playback, and uYou tweak offers this and more for both jailbroken...

Feb 18, 2024
NiceCaller image
TrollStore Apps5 min read

NiceCaller is another jailbreak tweak that was partially rewritten to support iOS 15 – iOS 16 without the need to jailbreak your iPhone. It's all possible thanks to TrollStore...

Feb 12, 2024
BHTwitter image
iOS Apps6 min read

Twitter app leaks some features that can be brought to life by installing BHTwitter. With this tweak, you can access various options and customization settings that are not available...

Feb 11, 2024
PureKFD image
iOS Apps5 min read

If you're yearning for jailbreak-like tweaks on iOS 16, consider installing PureKFD. This tweak manager, fueled by the KFD exploit, empowers you to customize hidden system settings...

Feb 09, 2024
RootHide Bootstrap image
TrollStore Apps7 min read

The Bootstrap, created by RootHide, stands as a groundbreaking application, enabling users to use jailbreak tweaks and apps seamlessly, even in the absence of a jailbroken environment...

Feb 05, 2024
TrollStar image
TrollStore Apps4 min read

TrollStar, developed by Huy Nguyen, stands as an innovative TrollStore installer tailored for iOS versions 16.0 to 16.6.1, compatible with iPhone models ranging from iPhone 8 and iPhone...

Jan 22, 2024
misaka tweak manager image
TrollStore Apps9 min read

If you long for the experience of a jailbroken device but currently lack one, the closest alternative is installing misaka Tweak Manager for iOS. This remarkable application serves...

Jan 20, 2024
Botim Desktop image
Software4 min read

Discover a lesser-known gem in the realm of communication apps: Botim Desktop. While Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, and Messenger hog the limelight, Botim Desktop quietly stands out. This...

Jan 15, 2024

Editors' Choice

When Linus Henze discovered the CoreTrust bug allowing to install IPA files permanently on iOS, the jailbreak community released a few tools to make it happen. Now with TrollStore...

IPA Library6 min read

There are just a few tools allowing you to sign IPA files and install iOS apps directly on your iPhone or iPad. Esign is one of them, providing...

IPA Library8 min read

App Store is the only allowed market from where you can officially download apps and games for your iPhone and iPad. The app itself doesn't offer too many features, but on a jailbroken...

IPA Library7 min read

Let's convert your iPhone or iPad into a mobile IPTV player that can play all kinds of live sports events, popular TV channels, and a variety of video streams. StrymTV is one of the...

IPA Library6 min read