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Emulators Updated May 06, 2024

How to enable PPSSPP JIT on iOS 17

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You may run PPSSPP for iOS in JIT (Just in Time compiler) mode. This improves gameplay speed significantly by enabling the iOS system to compile some of the emulator code directly on the device on launch. Playing PSP games in JIT mode with the PPSSPP emulator will result in a 2–5 times improvement in frame rate, which will greatly improve gameplay. To activate PPSSPP JIT on iOS 17 and later, refer to this guide.


  • A device running iOS/iPadOS 17 to 17.4.1.
  • Installed the latest version of PPSSPP IPA.
  • Installed the latest version of Sideloadly for Windows or Mac.
  • The latest version of iTunes; if on Windows.
  • Installed the latest version of SideJITServer.


This technique was created specifically for iOS 17 and beyond. Every time you launch the emulator, you must activate JIT with SideJITServer. It cannot be turned on indefinitely.

  1. Install PPSSPP IPA on your iPhone or iPad with Sideloadly, or a preferred IPA installer.
  2. Open the terminal app and pair your iDevice with the computer using SideJITServer.
    SideJITServer --pair
  3. On your iPhone's Home Screen, a 'Trust This Computer?' popup will appear. Trust it.
  4. Run SideJITServer to start the server on your computer. It may require a sudo command. In this case, enter your password when prompted.
  5. Add this Shortcut on your iOS 17 device to detect and run apps in JIT mode.
  6. Tap on 'Set Up Shortcut' from your device's screen.
  7. Provide your device's UDID.
    e.g. 00022010-001A5BC60CS9012X
  8. Next, enter your local server address.
  9. Open PPSSPP app from your Home Screen.
  10. Navigate to 'Settings' → 'Graphic' → 'CPU Core' and set it to Dynarec (JIT).
  11. Restart the PPSSPP app to apply changes.
  12. Open the Shortcuts app from your iOS 17 Home Screen.
  13. Tap on the SideJIT previously added shortcut.
  14. Allow SideJIT to connect to your IP e.g. ''.
  15. Select PPSSPP from the list to open the PSP emulator in JIT mode.
  16. PPSSPP should now open in JIT-enabled mode on iOS 17.

Emulation / Settings

  • The "JIT (Dynarec)" option, which stands for "Dynamic Recompiler," should be enabled. This is also the so-called "Just in Time" (JIT) compiler. During program execution, a portion of the program is supposed to be recompiled (in this example, from the original MIPS from PSP to the target architecture). Significantly quicker than the interpreter and the default mode that is advised for the available architectures (ARM and ARM64).

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