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Spotube music player for iOS with Spotify API support

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Spotify stands out as one of the premier music platforms for mobile devices, boasting immense popularity among users worldwide. While it offers a free service, certain limitations such as occasional ads, skip restrictions, and limited song playback options are in place. Spotube seamlessly integrates with your Spotify account and libraries, providing unrestricted access to all your favorite tunes without constraints.

Download Spotube IPA

Spotube was released as an IPA package that can be downloaded and sideloaded with an IPA installer. Alternatively, use the direct Install to download the app automatically with tools like TrollStore. This feature requires you to enable the URL Scheme from TrollStore Settings.

What is Spotube?

Spotube presents itself as an alternative to Spotify, granting users unrestricted access to their entire music collection housed within their Spotify playlists and libraries. Leveraging Spotify's robust data API, Spotube seamlessly integrates with platforms like YouTube,, or JioSaavn, offering an option to stream music for free and without ads.

As Spotube utilizes various sources apart from Spotify to stream the same music tracks, it's important to note that support for shows and podcasts isn't feasible. This is because the audio tracks for shows and podcasts are solely available through Spotify, requiring a Spotify Premium subscription for access. However, Spotify Listen Along is coming in the next updates.

The app boasts an array of impressive features aimed at enhancing user experience. Firstly, it offers freely downloadable tracks, ensuring users can enjoy their favorite music offline without constraints. With cross-platform support across desktop and mobile devices, users can seamlessly transition between devices while enjoying consistent functionality.

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Despite its robust capabilities, the app maintains a small size and consumes minimal data, making it efficient and convenient for users with varying data plans. For privacy-conscious individuals, the app offers an anonymous/guest login option, prioritizing user confidentiality.

Adding to its appeal, the app features time-synced lyrics, allowing users to follow along with their favorite songs effortlessly. Moreover, users can rest assured knowing that the app refrains from telemetry, diagnostics, or user data collection, prioritizing user privacy.

With native performance, the app ensures smooth and responsive operation across devices. Additionally, the app is open source/libre software, promoting transparency and community involvement. Finally, playback control is executed locally, rather than on the server, granting users greater autonomy and control over their listening experience.

Spotube music player for iOS provides users with a range of essential settings to customize their experience. Within these settings, users can seamlessly log in to their Spotify and accounts, choose their preferred marketplace region, and personalize the application's appearance by selecting different layout modes and themes.

Additionally, users have the flexibility to choose their accent color or opt for the immersive pitch-black dark theme in AMOLED mode. Furthermore, Spotube offers the convenience of syncing album covers, ensuring a visually cohesive and enjoyable listening experience.

Screenshot of Spotube Explore Genres and Settings pane.

Spotube further enhances user convenience by facilitating audio downloads for offline playback, along with a diverse range of playback options. Users can tailor their listening experience by adjusting the default audio quality, bearing in mind that higher quality consumes more data, and normalize audio for a more consistent and enjoyable experience.

Additionally, they have the flexibility to set their preferred default audio source and enable features like skipping non-music segments such as sponsor blocks. Moreover, users can choose between M4A or WebA codecs for downloading and streaming music, allowing them to optimize their audio experience according to their preferences and device compatibility. Users can also select the download folder.

What's new

  • Spotify Connect supports a.k.a LAN Control.
  • Users can now control Spotube playback and select local.
  • Output devices from other devices on the same network.
  • Alternative LRCLIB lyrics provider.
  • Caching improvement makes the experience smoother.
  • Added Spotify homepage personalized recommendations.
  • Added user profile page.
  • Improved caching based on riverpod.
  • LAN connect a.k.a control remote Spotube playback and local output device selection.
  • Added LRCLIB lyrics provider as a fallback.
  • Add search history support.
  • Added Czech and Thai translations.

Thanks to its integration with the Spotify API, Spotube offers a seamless experience where users can access a variety of features directly from the home page. Here, you can explore featured tracks, discover new releases, and access personalized mixes such as daily mixes and genre-based recommendations.

The Spotube Player endeavors to retrieve audio from the default source, yet it can seamlessly switch to alternative sources if necessary. Users have the flexibility to add music to their liked or downloaded collections, and there's even an option to follow along with lyrics.

Moreover, an informative page provides users with comprehensive details about the streaming audio track, including its source, duration, release date, title, artists, and channel stream URL.

How to install Spotube IPA on iOS

Spotube can only be installed on your device through the TrollStore or TrollStore 2 IPA installers. Alternatively, you can also use other IPA signing tools including Sideloadly, AltStore, Bullfrog Assistant, or Esign you will have access to all available features.

Step 1. Install Spotube on iOS following how to install TrollStore 2 guide.

Step 2. Download Spotube IPA from the link at the top of this page.

Step 3. Open TrollStore 2 from your Home Screen.

Step 4. Import Spotube IPA to TrollStore 2.

Step 5. Proceed with the installation process.

Step 6. Open the Settings app and enter the Privacy & Security.

Step 7. In the Security section follow Developer Mode.

Step 8. Enable Developer Mode and restart your device.

Step 9. Connect your iPhone to a PC or Mac and Turn On Developer Mode.

Step 10. Open Spotube from the Home Screen.

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