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TrollPad brings SpringBoard iPadOS features to iPhones on iOS


TrollPad, developed by Duy Tran Khanh, stands out as a groundbreaking jailbreak-free tweak designed to trick SpringBoard into emulating the functionality of iPadOS on your iPhone on iOS 15+. This innovative tool unlocks a plethora of impressive features, including Stage Manager, Split View, Floating Keyboard, Grid App Switcher, and Floating Dock for your iPhone. However, it's important to note that there may be glitches.

Download TrollPad for iOS

TrollPad is introduced as a DEB package, crafted to activate Stage Manager on the iPhone through SpringBoard tweak injection tools. This DEB package is rootless and is compatible with RootHide. However, to use it with RootHide Bootstrap, a conversion process is necessary.

What is TrollPad?

TrollPad tweak empowers you to activate Stage Manager on your iPhone, provided you have access to SpringBoard tweak injection capabilities, running iOS 16 or later. Remarkably, this innovation takes advantage of the latest SpringBoard tweak injection tools, eliminating the need for a traditional jailbreak. By cleverly fooling the SpringBoard into emulating iPadOS, TrollPad seamlessly incorporates numerous features, enhancing the functionality of iOS devices.

Several tools offer the capability to utilize TrollPad without using an actual jailbreak environment, among them being RootHide Bootstrap, Little Root, or KFDmineek. Each of these tools is adept at injecting tweaks into the SpringBoard, thereby providing users with a quasi-jailbreak experience without the need to officially jailbreak the device. This functionality is made possible through the utilization of TrollStore 2, KFD exploits, and the creative work of developers.

Stage Manager centralizes the current app on the screen, while concurrently displaying thumbnails of other active apps on the side. To navigate between windows, simply click on the corresponding thumbnail. For access to files and folders on the desktop, a click on the desktop is all that's needed. Thumbnails are dynamically arranged based on recent usage, showcasing up to six of them depending on the desktop size. Each thumbnail offers a live view of its window, ensuring you stay informed about updates such as incoming messages, etc.

TrollPad for iOS 16 screenshot.

TrollPad tweak enables those features on older devices, and most importantly iPhones that have not been designed to utilize those features. It introduces a range of features to transform your user experience. It brings a visually appealing Grid App Switcher for easy navigation, streamlines multitasking with a dedicated Multitasking Button, and provides a versatile Floating Dock for convenient app access during various tasks. The Recent Apps feature displays a concise list for swift app-switching, while the App Library ensures organized access to categorized apps.

Moreover, TrollPad enables advanced capabilities like Split View for simultaneous use of compatible apps, introduces a compact Slide Over feature for enhanced multitasking, and features the Stage Manager for centralizing the current app while displaying live thumbnails for effortless window navigation. All those features can work on KFD-compatible devices.

Warning: It's important to be aware that all SpringBoard tweak injection tools are currently undergoing active development by iOS enthusiasts. Using them without caution may result in potential boot loops for your devices forcing you to upgrade iOS firmware.

This tweak requires iOS 16 or later to ensure compatibility with the latest system version. It includes untested external display support, emphasizing caution, and may necessitate additional steps for optimal functionality. The addition of a Floating Keyboard enhances typing convenience within the SpringBoard interface. Notably, TrollPad's features are exclusively designed to work within the SpringBoard environment, offering a seamless and improved user experience within the iOS interface. All features are provided by the system itself.

TrollPad does introduce certain side effects, including an iPadOS-style status bar, a more compact Control Center layout, layout margin adjustments in landscape multitasking modes affecting the left and right, and the App Library grid group occasionally going out of bounds.

Duy Tran Khanh has made TrollPad available as an open-source project on his GitHub Repo. Developed using the Logos programming language, this tweak serves as an excellent playground for SpringBoard tweak injection developers, providing an opportunity for exploration.

When operating in a fully jailbroken environment, consider incorporating the Dynamic Stage tweak. This exquisitely crafted multitasking enhancement elevates your overall iOS experience. This innovative reimagining of the Stage Manager concept for iPhones seamlessly integrates with iOS, establishing a harmonious connection with the dynamic realm of Dynamic Island. Dynamic Stage tweak is compatible with iOS 14 to iOS 15 on iPhones.

How to enable Stage Manager on iOS

Warning: When uninstalling this tweak with Stage Manager still enabled, do not remove MobileGestalt key. Doing so can cause bootloop. It's best to keep MobileGestalt key there.

Step 1. Modify MobileGestalt cache file by opening in a plist editor like Filza.


Step 2. Open CacheExtra and add a number key named "qeaj75wk3HF4DwQ8qbIi7g".

Step 3. Set for the newly added number key value "1" to make it active.

Step 4. Open the Shortcuts app from the Home Screen.

Step 5. Create an empty shortcut.

Step 6. Add Toggle Stage Manager action.

Step 7. Enable both Show Dock and Show Recent Apps.

Step 8. Save and run the shortcut.

What's new

  • Updated TrollPad tweak to the latest version.
  • Stage Manager is now completely safe to enable through the Control Center.
  • Fixed the _LINKEDIT error.

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