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Jade tweak for iOS


Control Center on iOS had remained untouched by Apple for some time, resulting in a somewhat monotonous user experience. Fortunately, a fresh breeze has arrived in the form of a new jailbreak tweak called “Jade”. This tweak introduces a novel approach to accessing and managing Control Center modules on iOS devices. The best part is, Jade tweak is compatible with iDevices running iOS 15.0 to the latest iOS 16.5.

Add Jade Repo to your package manager and install the tweak:

What is Jade?

Jade, a collaborative creation of Nightwind and thetimeloop, standout among the recent tweaks released for jailbroken devices. This tweak offers a reimagined Control Center experience for iOS, allowing users to seamlessly integrate new modules into their CC while fully supporting all stock modules as well. Jade tweak supports rootless jailbreaks on iOS 15 and iOS 16.

What truly sets Jade apart is its extensive range of customization options, making it a dream come true for those who love themes. Moreover, its compatibility with themes from Prysm tweak ensures a harmonious theming experience. Jade, like Dynamic Stage, is undeniably a game-changer in the world of iOS customization, and the best Control Center enhancement.

Jade tweak's extensive customization options extend to the Control Center's location and behavior, providing you with a rich array of choices. You can select to open the Control Center from its original location, or you can opt for the bottom left, bottom right, or even both bottom left and right corners of your screen. With Jade tweak, your Control Center's accessibility is not only improved, but also uniquely tailored to suit your needs.

Jade tweak CC screenshot.

Jade tweak

Upon successfully installing the Jade tweak, a fresh preference pane seamlessly integrates itself into the Settings app. Within this pane, you gain the power to tailor Jade tweak precisely to your preferences and desires. You can configure almost any aspect of the Control Center.

Within the preference pane, you can enable the tweak and access settings in different categories, such as Presentation Gesture, Interface, Modules, and Theming. These categories allow you to adjust the presentation gesture's size and location, control the overall look and feel of the interface, customize the appearance of custom modules, and tailor the UI to your preferences. There is also an option to set the presentation offset for CC.

Within the Presentation Gesture preference pane, users can tailor their experience by choosing the default gesture location, presenting the menu fully expanded, and adjusting the presentation offset, all accomplished through intuitive slider controls for X and Y values.

Jade tweak enhances CC with a new look, but also with a diverse range of modules, covering essential aspects like Connectivity, Brightness and Audio, Media, Uptime, Power Controls, Reboot (or Userspace Reboot), Shutdown, Respring, Safe Mode, Lock, Bluetooth Devices, and Weather. These modules are also very customizable, both in terms of color and location.

Jade tweak settings screenshot.

Within the Interface preference pane, users can customize the corner radius, display or hide the battery level and time indicators, choose a widget layout, toggle the battery percentage display, enable Low Power Mode, control the grabber's visibility, and adjust the background blur.

Jade's theming possibilities are also truly impressive, offering the ability to enable or disable legacy theme support, customize indicators, both custom and stock modules' appearances, select background colors or images, select grabber colors, adjust background opacity, and much more. This is so far one of my top 5 tweaks for iOS devices.

Furthermore, you can also create and share configuration preset. Jade's import/export preset features simplify the process of sharing your customized configurations, making it effortless to share your beautifully tailored settings with your friends and other tweak's users.

Jade tweak is available for purchase as a paid package on the Chariz Store, priced at $2.49. Considering the range of options it offers, this price is indeed quite reasonable. The tweak supports jailbroken iDevices running iOS 15 and iOS 16, rootless and rootful. Dopamine, Palera1n, and XinaA15 jailbreaks are compatible with the Control Center tweak for iOS.

Jade tweak Preferences screenshot.

What's new

  • Updated Jade tweak 1.0.1.
  • Fixed crashes relating to auto-brightness.
  • Fixed issues regarding the Apple TV Module.
  • Fixed some issues with expanded mode.
  • Fix issue with volume indicator sometimes not showing after Jade was opened.
  • Gray out cellular button when Airplane Mode is enabled.
  • Gray out the Personal Hotspot button when Airplane Mode is enabled.
  • Fixed crashes when media module is removed.
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to swipe the menu to close sometimes.
  • Reduced sensitivity in sliders.
  • Lowered the offset amount to -250 to 250 instead of -500 to 500.
  • Changed “Airplane Mode” to “Aeroplane Mode” in the Australian English localization.
  • Added Korean localization.
  • Added VoiceOver support.

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