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Research Updated Apr 26, 2024

How to enable JIT for iOS 17 using SideJITServer

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SideJITServer is a command line utility designed to activate Just-In-Time (JIT) functionality for compatible applications operating on iOS 17 devices, seamlessly bridging Windows, Linux, and macOS within the shared WiFi network. Developed and continually refined by nythepegasus, a valued member of the SideStore team, this tool empowers users with enhanced performance capabilities for JIT iOS apps.

SideJITServer is a Python script designed to be executed within a Python environment on your desktop. As of its latest release, it mandates the following component versions: `pymobiledevice3>=4.2.3,<4.3.0`, `Flask==3.0.2`, and `zeroconf==0.132.2`. Attempting to use different versions of these components may result in errors when running SideJITServer. Therefore, it's crucial to adhere to these specified versions to ensure optimal functionality.

Installing SideJITServer

Step 1. Create a virtual environment named "venv" using Python to use an isolated environment for the Python project.

python3 -m venv venv

Step 2. Install SideJITServer following the pip3 installation command for the package.

pip3 install SideJITServer

Step 3. Install pymobiledevice3, the python3 implementation of various tools for iDevices. It's recommended to use the latest version of pymobiledevice3 <4.3.0.

python3 -m pip install -U pymobiledevice3

Step 4. Execute the launch command to see if SideJITServer is installed on your Desktop. Additionaly open the in your browser to view if the device is paired.

SideJITServer --help

Screenshot of SideJITServer running in the Safai browser.


Step 1. Connect your iOS 17 device to your computer and execute the following command to pair it. Next, grab your iPhone and continue the next steps.

SideJITServer --pair

Screenshot of pairing an iPhone with SideJITServer.

Step 2. On your iPhone's Home Screen, a 'Trust This Computer?' popup will appear. Tap on trust and provide your PIN to allow connection between the PC and iDevice.

Screenshot of Trust This Computer prompt on iOS 17.

Step 3. Run SideJITServer to start the server on your computer. It may require a sudo command. In this case, enter your password when prompted.


Screenshot of SideJITServer running on macOS.

Step 4. Add this Shortcut required to detect and run apps in JIT mode.

Step 5. Tap on 'Set Up Shortcut' from your device's screen.

Screenshot of SideJIT shortcut configuration.

Step 6. Provide your device's UDID. It can be easily discovered by entering this IP in your browser. Example UDID "00022010-001A5BC60CS9012X".

Screenshot of SideJI UDID configuration.

Step 7. Next, enter your server address. It will be displayed in the terminal app running SideJITServer. It's important to provide the full URL address including http and port.

Screenshot of SideJI server IP configuration.

Enabling JIT for iOS 17 app

Step 1. Be sure that SideJITServer is running on your Desktop. If it's installed correctly you will see the paired device UDID in your browser. Open the Shortcuts app from your iOS 17 Home Screen and tap on the SideJIT previously added shortcut.

Screenshot of Shortcuts app on Home Screen.

Step 2. Allow SideJIT to connect to "".

Connect to SideJITServer screenshot.

Step 3. SideJIT will display a list of all installed apps on iOS 17 with support for JIT. Select the one you like to open in JIT mode.

Enable JIT mode for supported app running iOS 17.

Step 4. The application should open in JIT-enabled mode on iOS 17.

Screenshot of SideJIT enabled JIT for 'Flycast' prompt.

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