IPA Installer

IPA Installer is a tool for sideloading IPA files onto iOS devices. With it, you can easily install third-party apps and games that aren't available on the App Store. We've tested these tools, so you can install IPA on iOS from a Mac, PC, or directly on-device.

iOSGods image
IPA Installer8 min read

While there are many third-party app stores for iOS, the iOSGods App stands out by providing users with the ability to download and install popular game hacks, as well as access tweaked and ++ apps. Furthermore, all of these apps can be downloaded in the IPA file format...

Sep 25, 2023
AltStore image
IPA Installer10 min read

AltStore is an excellent iOS app that enables you to sign and install IPA files on your device. Although it doesn't install the files directly on your iPhone, it achieves this task by running AltServer on your desktop and connecting to your iPhone. To get started, simply...

Sep 20, 2023
appdb image
IPA Installer5 min read

Appdb for iOS is a powerful app that provides users with a convenient way to download and install IPA files for their iOS devices. With a vast collection of IPA files contributed by the community, appdb.to is the go-to website for finding everything from cracked apps and...

Aug 24, 2023
iOS App Signer image
IPA Installer4 min read

There are several IPA signing tools available that allow you to sign and install apps on iOS devices. One such tool is iOS App Signer, which is designed specifically for developers to easily sign and share signed IPA files. Also works with free developer...

Feb 17, 2023
ReProvision Reborn image
IPA Installer7 min read

ReProvision Reborn is the successor of the EOL ReProvision project for jailbroken devices. This amazing tool for iOS allows you to sign IPA files and automatically re-sign installed...

Oct 24, 2022
PermasigneriOS image
IPA Installer6 min read

First, there was an IPA Permasigner script released for Desktop, but now we have the PermasigneriOS native app for iOS allowing you to permanently sign IPAs directly on your iPhone...

Sep 02, 2022
IPA Permasigner image
IPA Installer6 min read

Linus Henze discovered a new bug where CoreTrust will allow using of any root certificate to permanently sign any IPA file for all jailbroken devices running iOS 14.0 up to iOS...

Aug 24, 2022
TutuApp image
IPA Installer7 min read

When most of the 3rd-party App Stores are dead pretending to work on signing apps others are creating interesting alternatives that simply work. Popular TutuApp App Store released...

Aug 12, 2022
Cydia Impactor image
IPA Installer7 min read

Every time you need to install IPA files on iOS devices you think of Cydia Impactor. Since the 0.9.52 release Impactor is broken by a server-side change at Apple servers. Cydia IPA...

Feb 17, 2022