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iOS Apps Updated Apr 05, 2024

FlekStore Pro

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Apple maintains a rigorous policy when it comes to adding apps to their App Store, resulting in no access to tweaks, emulators, jailbreak tools, and other modifications. However, FlekStore Pro bridges this gap by providing users with the ability to install IPA files without encountering intrusive ads. Moreover, the platform offers an added advantage of allowing users to sign their own IPA files using a developer certificate.

Install FlekStore Pro for iOS to access free apps and games:

What is FlekStore Pro?

FlekStore Pro is a third party App Store for iOS allowing users to install apps, games, tweaks, emulators, jailbreak tools, and more by bypassing App Store restrictions. This on-device IPA installer can sideload apps on your iPhone not only with FlekStOre Certificate (paid solution), but also your own developer account, or own certificate to sign apps.

The paid certificate by FlekStore Pro App Store provides a seamless certificate issuance process for your device, conveniently linked to your developer's account. This entire process is automated, saving users from any manual intervention. Once the certificate is generated for your device, you can effortlessly install applications without any hassle.

If you choose to utilize your own certificate for signing apps, you have the option to link it to FlekStore. To establish this connection, you will need the p12 and password files for your certificate, along with the mobileprovision file. Once the connection is established, you gain the ability to install apps from the catalog and conveniently sign them using the Signer feature.

FlekStore Pro screenshot.

Furthermore, if you possess your own developer account, you have the option to provide the API keys to FlekStore for seamless integration. By doing so, FlekStOre's server programs will automatically handle device registration, perform all essential certificate settings, and streamline the entire process. As a result, users can install apps from the catalog, utilize the Signer functionality, or even download a pre-configured certificate for other purposes.

Once the FlekStore Pro installation process is completed on your iPhone or iPad, you will find its app icon on your Home Screen, providing easy access to a vast collection of highly sought-after apps and games, all available for free. Moreover, if you require a specific app that is not readily available, the store offers a custom installation option for sideloading IPA files.

Additionally, users can access a configuration menu, allowing them to modify app names or even install duplicates as per their preferences. Duplicates allows running multiple app instances. FlekStore Pro for iOS ensures a user-friendly experience, offering a diverse range of apps and convenient customization options to cater to your individual needs.

FlekStore app boasts a user-friendly interface, ensuring effortless navigation through its extensive IPA library. Similar to the App Store, you can conveniently explore apps categorized into sections like emulators, games, tools, jailbreaks, movies, and more, making it a breeze to discover exciting new apps aligned with your interests. Moreover, a handy search feature is also implemented, enabling you to quickly find specific apps by their names.

FlekStore Pro features.

Within the FlekStore App Store, you'll find an extensive app database equipped with concise descriptions, actual screenshots, app versions, and file sizes for all listed apps. This information enables you to make informed choices about the apps you wish to explore further.

FlekStore Pro allows you to access all kinds of apps and games. The IPA library includes apps like Spotify++. iPoGO, Facebook++, Instagram++, YouTube Music Reborn, Delta Emulator, unc0ver jailbreak, Among Us! Hack, and many others. Unlike other third party App Stores, FlekStore Pro delivers a solid solution to install apps even when the certificate get revoked.

The Devices tab offers convenient certificate management, empowering you to effortlessly sign IPA files on your device. This streamlined process ensures a smooth installation experience for your preferred apps, certificates, and linked developer accounts.

Additionally, the Signer tab presents a powerful custom IPA installer feature. Seamlessly integrated, it allows you to install apps with ease, granting you more control over your app management experience. FlekStore is a complete solution to install IPA files on your iOS device.

FlekStore Pro for iOS screenshot.

Note: Signing process for an application you have chosen can take from a few seconds to several minutes, depending on the size of the application.

FlekStore App Store has been successfully serving users for a couple of years now, and its latest addition, FlekStore Pro, offers an excellent solution for iOS users facing the issue of free certificate revokes by Apple. With FlekStore Pro, you can confidently sign IPA files on your iOS device, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted app experience.

What's more, FlekStore Pro can be accessed through a standard browser, so you can view what kind of apps, tweaks, hacks, and games are available for free download. Recently, FlekStore was updated to let you install duplicate apps with just one tap.

Don't hesitate any longer; give FlekStore Pro a try today! Experience the convenience of a robust App Store without any hassles, and unlock premium apps for free on your iOS device.

Install FlekStore Pro on iOS

FlekStore Pro operates as a web app, ensuring that it remains unaffected by Apple's revocation process. However, it's important to note that apps installed using FlekStore's certificate may still be subjected to revocation. To address this, the developer offers a complimentary certificate renewal in the event of a revocation, providing added peace of mind for users.

To install FlekStore Pro on iOS, follow those steps:

  1. Open FlekStore Pro page in Safari.
  2. Tap on the “Share” button to reveal more options.
  3. Select from the menu “Add to Home Screen”.
  4. Open FlekSt0re app from Home Screen.
  5. Navigate to the “Devices” Tab and download the profile.
  6. Open the Settings app and install the new profile.

Screenshot of how to install FlekStore Pro on iOS.

FlekStore employs a distinctive device identifier known as the UDID to register your device with your Apple developer certificate. Once this registration is completed, FlekStore promptly issue a certificate that allows us to sign applications specifically for your device.

The entire process is swift and efficient, occurring immediately after payment is made. This ensures you can quickly access and enjoy a wide range of signed applications tailored to your device. Apple sometimes sets an additional timeout after adding a device. In such cases, activation will appear only within 24 – 72 hours from the moment of payment.

The most recent release of FekSt0re brings a range of exciting new features. Firstly, users now can sign IPA files swiftly using download links. By navigating to the Signer section and selecting the Link option, users can paste the download link of their IPA file. This method offers a significant speed advantage, outperforming the classic Signer by an impressive fivefold.

Secondly, FekSt0re introduces the option to customize app icons during the signing process, providing users with a fresh and personalized experience. Lastly, the update enables users to inject dylib files with tweaks directly into signed apps. This functionality expands the potential for enhancing app performance and introducing new functionalities.

What's new

  • Updated FlekStore Pro to the latest version.
  • Support for downloading IPA files.
  • New light theme.
  • Improved activation time.
  • Added notifications for web apps.
  • Added option to connect own certificates to sign files.
  • Overall improvements and bug fixes.


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    It's a great app, I bought access for all my family

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