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Apple Wallet BG tweak: Replace Payment card image

Apple Wallet BG

When you add a debit or credit card to Apple Wallet, it usually mirrors the image on the physical card, which can become repetitive over time during transactions. Thankfully, with the Apple Wallet BG tweak, you now have the flexibility to replace this image with any picture from your iPhone, all without the need to jailbreak your device.

What is Apple Wallet BG?

Apple Wallet BG is a new tweak available from Misaka tweak manager, which empowers users to customize the background image of their Apple Pay card on iOS 15 to iOS 16. This exceptional tweak comes in two distinct versions: one leverages the MDC exploit, compatible with iOS 15 to iOS 16.1.2, while the second version caters to iOS 16.2 to iOS 16.5, employing the KFD exploit. You can easily obtain both versions from the esteemed Scarlet Tips Repository.

This tweak enhances iOS compatibility for the Cardio tweak, making it easy for you to customize the background images of your debit and credit cards within the Apple Wallet and Apple Pay applications, with seamless support ranging from iOS 15 to iOS 16. The best part is that Apple Wallet BG doesn't need a jailbreak, thanks to the exploit that grants access to the file system.

Apple Wallet BG, when utilized with MacDirtyCow on iOS 15.0 through iOS 16.1.2, delivers a notably stable and predictable performance. However, it's worth noting that the KFD release, designed for iOS 16.2 through iOS 16.5, may exhibit less predictable behavior. When applying new background images for cards, you may encounter an error message related to file size or access denied. In such cases, opting for a smaller image size can often resolve the issue.

Apple Wallet BG tweak screenshot.

Installing this tweak is an effortless process, thanks to its seamless integration with the Misaka tweak manager for iOS. You can easily obtain both Apple Wallet BG and Apple Wallet BG KFD by downloading them from the Scarlet Tips Repo, which comes pre-installed with the package manager. The best part is that both versions are designed to work smoothly without the necessity of running a jailbroken environment on your iPhone.

Apple Wallet is a digital wallet application developed by Apple Inc. for its iOS devices, including iPhones and Apple Watches. Apple Wallet allows users to store and manage various types of digital information, including Payment Cards. Users can add credit cards, debit cards, and other payment methods to Apple Wallet, enabling them to make contactless payments at supported retail stores and online merchants using Apple Pay.

Alternatively, you can explore Cardinal. This app seamlessly detects your payment cards within the Apple Wallet app. With a straightforward tap, you can effortlessly assign a new image source. This grants you the freedom to select an image from your preferred source to act as the background for that specific card displayed in Apple Wallet and Apple Pay apps.

What's new

  • Initial release of Apple Wallet BG 1.0.
  • Initial release of Apple Wallet BG KFD 1.0.

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