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Souvenir Lock Screen customization tweak for iOS


Customizing your Lock Screen can be an immensely enjoyable experience, especially when you've installed a tweak as delightful as Souvenir. This remarkable tool empowers you to transform various Lock Screen elements, and personally, I prefer using it to create a sleek and modern Lock Screen design with a clear focus on displaying the current time.

Add Souvenir Repo to your package manager to install the tweak:

What is Souvenir?

Souvenir stands as a Lock Screen tweak, offering an array of customization options for your jailbroken iPhone or iPad operating on iOS 14 through iOS 15. This tweak caters to both rootful and rootless jailbreaks, ensuring compatibility with popular options like Dopamine and Palera1n. It works with most Lock Screen tweaks including Exiwall, ChromaFlow, Velvet, Velvet 2, etc.

After installation, the Souvenir tweak seamlessly integrates a dedicated preference pane into your Settings app. This intuitive interface empowers you with full control over the tweak's settings. Notably, the developer has thoughtfully provided distinct configuration options for both Dark and Light modes, ensuring a tailored experience for your preferences.

Souvenir tweak for iOS boasts a wide range of features on your jailbroken device, including the ability to enable or disable the tweak with a respring requirement. You can also customize preferences for both light and dark modes, allowing for distinct setups between the two.

Souvenir tweak enabled on Lock Screen screenshot.

Other options encompass alignment styles (left, center, or right), the ability to hide elements like the time, date, timer, lock icon, and Focus icon, along with the freedom to specify colors, fonts, and languages for the displayed info. Those options make your Lock Screen unique.

Additionally, Souvenir tweak for iOS 14 – iOS 15 offers Android 12-style time layout options with spacing adjustments, choice of 12-hour or 24-hour time format, and customization for hour and minute colors. Users can further tailor the size and positioning of time, date, timer, and lock icon, and even enable a convenient light/dark mode toggle directly from the Lock Screen. Finally, the tweak provides an option to reset all preferences for a clean slate.

If you're seeking to personalize the appearance of your jailbroken device's Lock Screen even more, consider exploring tweaks such as Dodo, AIM, Diary, or Kalm. Each of these tweaks brings a host of impressive features to the table, enabling you to infuse a fresh and unique aesthetic into your Lock Screen, departing from the typical Apple-style design.

The Souvenir tweak distinguishes itself through its exceptional versatility, granting you the freedom to customize colors, fonts, and element positioning on your Lock Screen to your heart's content. This tweak is unquestionably worth trying out.

Souvenir tweak settings screenshot.

Add Repository

Souvenir tweak has been introduced as a premium offering, available for purchase exclusively through the official Havoc Store. To enjoy the Lock Screen customization tweak tailored for iOS 14 to iOS 15, simply add the Souvenir Repo to your package manager and proceed with the installation. Notably, it has been fine-tuned to seamlessly integrate with both the Dopamine and Palera1n jailbreaks. Souvenir is competitively priced at just $1.49.

To install Souvenir tweak on your jailbroken iOS device, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Sileo app from the Home Screen.
  2. Tap on the Sources tab, then select Edit.
  3. Add the following repository URL:
  4. Install Souvenir package from the new repository.
  5. To apply all changes, respiring your iPhone.
  6. Once installed, Souvenir tweak can be enabled from the Settings app.

Souvenir tweak Repository screenshot.

For added convenience, you can quickly add the repository to your preferred package managers (Cydia, Sileo, Installer, Zebra) by using the convenient quick links provided at the top of this page. With just one tap, you can easily add the repo and download Souvenir.

What's new

  • Updated Souvenir tweak to version 1.18.
  • Added option to show selected alternate calendar font.
  • Added option to hide the "No Older Notification" text.
  • Added option to hide the camera button.
  • Added option to hide the flashlight button.
  • Added option for custom lock icon size.
  • Now with Backups options.
  • Added transparency options for time, date, and timer.
  • Removed Legacy arm64e support as a dependency.
  • Improved Dopamine jailbreak support.

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