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TrollInstallerX for iOS 14 - iOS 17

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alfiecg24 released TrollInstallerX, a user-friendly tool to help you install TrollStore on certain iOS devices. Compatible with iOS 14.0 to 16.6.1 for arm64 devices and 14.0 to 16.5.1 for arm64e devices, TrollInstallerX simplifies the installation process by utilizing two different methods based on your device and iOS version. In my opinion, this is the best and most reliable solution to install TrollStore.

Download TrollInstallerX IPA

TrollInstallerX offers unparalleled ease of use. Simply download the latest release from our website and sideload it using your preferred method. Once installed, launch the app and tap the "Install" button. From there, TrollStore and/or its persistence helper will be seamlessly installed onto your device. Install the best and universal TrollStore installer for iPhones and iPads.

What is TrollInstallerX?

TrollInstallerX stands as a swift and user-friendly TrollStore installer, distinguishing itself with a host of distinctive features. Its capabilities, enumerated below, mark it as a superior choice among other installers. Notably, it offers seamless support for iOS versions 14.0 through 16.6.1 across all devices, with a minor, temporary exception for A8 devices.

In the dynamic landscape of TrollStore installation, TrollInstallerX emerges as a beacon of innovation, introducing groundbreaking features that redefine the user experience. Here, we delve into the transformative functionalities that elevate TrollInstallerX above its counterparts.

Direct Installation: Simplifying the installation process, TrollInstallerX application seamlessly integrates TrollStore directly onto the home screen of supported iOS versions.

This feature mirrors the experience of utilizing the persistence helper, offering convenience and efficiency to users. It uses the KFD kernel exploit, along with the dmaFail PPL bypass on iOS 15.2+ arm64e devices to deliver the IPA installer on supported devices.

Screenshot of TrollInstallerX app for iOS.

TrollStore Persistence Helper

Persistence Helper Installation: Unlike traditional methods that rely on precarious file overwrites, TrollInstallerX implements a persistence helper into a removable system app recognized as legitimate by TrollStore. This approach ensures compatibility across all supported versions, without compromising system integrity.

Unprecedented Reliability: Powered by the highly reliable XPF patchfinder, also employed in the acclaimed Dopamine exploit, TrollInstallerX boasts an exceptional success rate in exploitation. Leveraging on-disk kernel cache or downloading a copy as needed, it ensures a smooth and dependable installation process.

libgrabkernel2 Integration: Introducing the innovative libgrabkernel2 library, TrollInstallerX enables the seamless download of nearly any kernel cache available for supported devices.

This feature enhances compatibility and flexibility, accommodating a diverse range of user configurations.

What's new

  • Added full support for iOS 17.0 beta 1 - 4 on arm64 devices.
  • Add a success message at the end of the installation.
  • Fix bug in supported version checking.
  • Add (untested) support for early iOS 17.0 betas.

MacDirtyCow Kernelcache Grabber: Leveraging the capabilities of MacDirtyCow on compatible versions, TrollInstallerX effectively unsandboxed and utilizes on-disk kernel caches, ensuring a secure and efficient installation process without compromising system integrity.

Screenshot of TrollInstallerX the TrollStore Installer.

TrollInstallerX for iOS 14

iOS 14 Support: TrollInstallerX offers comprehensive support for iOS 14, including compatibility with arm64 devices. While TrollHelperOTA remains the recommended installation method for arm64e devices on iOS 14, TrollInstallerX stands as a reliable alternative for other configurations, providing users with unmatched convenience and flexibility.

Alfie CG
TrollInstallerX Developer
TrollInstallerX is now out, supporting almost every device from iOS 14.0 - 16.6.1. It's quick, easy, and extremely reliable.

In summary, TrollInstallerX represents a paradigm shift in TrollStore installation, combining innovation with reliability to deliver a seamless and efficient user experience across a diverse range of iOS versions and device configurations. TrollInstallerX was released as an open source project under the MIT license by Alfie CG. All files are available throught the dev's GitHub.

In my opinion, TrollInstallerX 1.0.2 is the best tool for installing TrollStore on your iPhone or iPad. Previously, there were various methods to install TrollStore, but they only worked on specific devices. You had to use different tools for different iDevices. TrollInstallerX combines all those features into one package, making it my favorite TrollStore installer.

How to install TrollStore using TrollInstallerX

TrollInstallerX is a new app allowing users to install TrollStore on iOS 14.0 to iOS 16.6.1 for arm64 devices, and iOS 14.0 to iOS 16.5.1 for arm64e devices. Installing on iOS 17.0 is not supported. Follow the steps to start installing IPA files pernamently without the need for paid certificates.

  1. Sideload TrollInstallerX on a supported device.
  2. Open the TrollInstallerX app from your Home Screen.
  3. Tap on the Install TrollStore button.
  4. Select a Persistence Helper.
  5. Open your Persistence Helper app e.g. Tips.
  6. Install TrollStore on your iDevice.


  • A device running iOS/iPadOS 14.0 to 16.6.1.
  • Download the latest version of TrollInstallerX IPA.
  • Installed the latest version of Sideloadly for Windows or Mac.
  • The latest version of iTunes; if on Windows.



No, TrollInstallerX doesn't support TrollStore installation on iOS 17. This version can run TrollStore, however there is no exploit available to install the app.


This is a common issue with utilizing the KFD exploit to access the file system. Reboot your device and try again to install the TrollStore app.


During installation, you will have installed a persistence helper. Open your persistence helper and press refresh app registrations to fix TrollStore.


TrollInstallerX was released as an IPA package for sideloading. There is no repository available. Sideload the IPA to use the app.

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