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TrollStore alternatives for iOS 17

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TrollStore is one of the most wanted tools for iOS 17, offering users the ability to install apps and games permanently without any limitations. But here's the snag: despite TrollStore's compatibility with iOS 17.0, no installations are available for this firmware. OTA updates are no longer an option. However, there are other tools available that allow you to install IPA files on iPhones. Discover the best alternatives for TrollStore on iOS 17.

1. LiveContainer

LiveContainer is the closest equivalent to a TrollStore for iOS 17. This app operates within a sandbox environment, allowing you to run numerous apps without the need for signing them.

While the preparation for installing this IPA installer entails a few steps, the benefits make it well worth the effort. LiveContainer 2.0 introduces JIT-less, a new method allowing users to install unlimited apps (10 apps limit of free developer account) on iOS 17 – iOS 17.4.1.

Screenshot of LiveContainer.

Not all IPA files are compatible with LiveContainer. It's required, to test yourself if an app is compatible with this method of installation. LiveContainer must be installed with SideStore.

LiveContainer was released for free and is available at Duy Tran Khanh GitHub Repository.

2. AltStore PAL

The first legally sanctioned App Store substitute for iOS 17.4 and later for users in the European Union is called AltStore PAL. Users can install tools and applications from third parties that are not permitted by the App Store.

This is not a sideloading application like AltStore and you can't install your own IPA files. All apps available in AltStore PAL must be approved by the store itself, so there will be no tweaked apps, games, ads-free apps, free premium features, etc. AltStore PAL will deliver only indie apps and games for iOS that for some reason were not allowed by Apple.

Screenshot of AltStore PAL.

AltStore PAL is not a free product. It was introduced as a paid subscription service, requiring an upfront payment for a one-year membership at €1.50 + VAT. The subscription is set to automatically renew after one year.

AltStore PAL can be purchased from the official website.

3. SideStore

SideStore is another great alternative for TrollStore on iOS 17. This IPA installer is a modified version of AltStore offering an option to sign IPA files directly on your device.

Its main advantage over AltStore is the possibility to install IPA files on iOS 17 without the need to use a computer or a jailbroken environment. However, the installation process of SideStore requires a PC or Mac to sideload the application on your iPhone or iPad.

Screenshot of SideStore.

Installing SideStore on iOS 17 requires some preparations. It resigns apps with your personal development certificate and then uses a specially designed VPN to trick iOS into installing them.

SideStore was released as an open-source project under the AGPL-3.0 license.

4. AltStore

Following the discontinuation of Cydia Impactor, AltStore was the pioneering IPA installer for iOS, enabling users to sideload any app onto their devices, effectively bypassing the App Store.

AltStore is compatible with iOS versions ranging from 12.2 to the latest iOS 17. Unlike its counterpart, AltStore PAL, this version enables users to sign and install IPA files without any restrictions. However, utilizing a free Apple certificate limits users to installing up to three apps.

Screenshot of AltStore.

To install AltStore on iOS 17, users need to utilize a PC or Mac. Additionally, signing IPA files for your iPhone necessitates a computer connection or at least being on the same Wi-Fi network.

AltStore was released as an open-source project and is available from the official website.

5. Sideloadly

Sideloadly is another IPA signing and installation tool based on the AltStore source code. Its main advantage is simple usage and additional features such as tweak injection into IPA files.

As with all the mentioned TrollStore alternatives, also Sideloadly supports the most recent release of iOS 17. Use Sideloadly to sign IPA files, change app names, change app versions, use custom bundle ID for multiple installations of one app, or inject frameworks and dylibs.

Screenshot of Sideloadly.

Sideloadly will not only work with free but also paid Apple Developer Accounts. Some of the most useful features include Wi-Fi Sideloading. This option allows you to install IPAs without the need to connect your iPhone via a USB cable. Multiple devices are supported.

Sideloadly supports iOS devices, Apple Silicon Mac, or Apple TV. Get it from the official website.

6. FlekStore

FlekStore is one of the best third-party App Store for iOS 17 that works on all devices. This paid service allows users to install all kinds of apps, including tweaked, hacked games, and more.

One of the outstanding features provided by FlekStore is support for on-device sideloading IPA files. The store itself can be installed on all devices directly from the browser. Furthermore, it supports repositories lits offering quick access to popular apps and games for iOS 17.

Screenshot of FlekStore.

Drawing from my personal experience, I can attest to the exceptional quality and uptime of this service, which has been proven over time. While numerous third-party App Stores exist, this particular one stands out due to its superior quality and dedicated support.

FlekStore for iOS 17 be installed from the official website on all devices.

7. Esign

Esign is probably one of the most popular IPA installers for iOS 17. It offers also an Esign TrollStore Edition that is based on TrollStore but with boosted features including tweak injection.

Once installed on iOS, Esign will allow users to import files, unzip archives, install IPA or import apps to App Library, open the selected file in the built-in HEX editor, and access IPa repositories, and more. On jailbroken devices, there is an option to install IPAs without signing them.

Screenshot of ESign.

To install IPA files, Esign can sign them directly on your iOS device with a p12 certificate and mobileprovision file. It offers access to globally available certificates that are used by most of the 3rd party App Stores, therefore the certificate will get revoked on short notice.

Esign all editions are available for download from the official website.

8. GBox

GBox is a great alternative for Esign and TrollStore for iOS 17. Like Esign it also offers a dedicated GBox TrollStore edition with permanent app installation features for iOS devices.

To sign IPA files with this IPA installer tool it's required to import a p12 certificate and mobileprovision file on your iDevice. Unlike Bullfrog Assistant you can't use your Apple ID and password to sign and install applications on your iPhone.

Screenshot of GBox.

There are a few releases of the GBox App for iOS; Gbox Regular, Gbox Enterprise, Gbox TrollStore, and GBoxInstallerX. All are available for download.

Esign all editions are available for download from the official website.

9. Bullfrog Assistant

Bullfrog Assistant is an on-device IPA installer for iOS 17, that works with free Apple ID. Use this free TrollStore alternative to install for free up to 3 apps on all iOS 17-supported devices.

This tool works without a PC, but it requires one to install the on-device IPA signing app on your iPhone. The installation is straightforward, no matter if you are using a Windows or Mac installer. You can also sideload it using Sideloady with the 'Normal Install' option enabled.

Screenshot of Bullfrog Assistant.

It offers options to select a signing certificate, change the app's displayed name on your Home Screen, version number, minimum iOS requirements, and Bundle ID (modifying this option allows you to install multiple instances of the same app on your iDevice).

Bullfrog Assistant for iOS 17 can be installed from the official website.

10. Scarlet

Last but certainly not least is Scarlet, which is also based on AltStore. Serving as an alternative to TrollStore, Scarlet allows users to sideload apps using their free developer certificate.

Scarlet, packed with a completely supported sources list feature, is an effective solution for installing third-party apps on your iOS device. The software makes it easy for you to download and install emulators, ++ apps, and jailbreak tools on your device by preinstalling a list of them.

Screenshot of Scarlet for iOS 17.

You must have ScarletCloud Beta running on your PC to allow Scarlet to sign IPA files using your Apple ID and a free developer account. To make sure the IPA files will be installed on your iPhone and are correctly signed, you must go through this process.

Scarlet official website offers more information about this tool.

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