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Kuba brings over 20 years of experience in journalism, with a specialized focus on jailbreaking since 2012. He has interviewed professionals from Intel, Avast, Microsoft, and other major companies. After successfully jailbreaking his first iPhone, Kuba has been sharing his expertise on jailbreaking, using Cydia tweaks, and other mobile and desktop-related topics. He enjoys using software and new technologies are his passion. In addition to his journalism career, Kuba is skilled in video editing and drone flying. He studied IT at university before embarking on his writing journey.


Research2 min read

If you love football, get ready for Euro 2024 in Germany. It’s a big event featuring top European players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Robert Lewandowski, and Kylian Mbappe. With StrymTV...

Kuba PawlakJun 12, 2024
IPA Library11 min read

Lars Fröder has announced the rebranding of Fugu15 Max to Dopamine. This newly developed jailbreak is specifically designed to provide A12+ devices running Dopamine with the...

Kuba PawlakJun 12, 2024
IPA Installer2 min read

EasySignIpa is a command line tool for signing IPA files on a Mac using a P12 Certificate and MobileProvision file. It's handy for automating the IPA re-signing process. I recently discovered...

Kuba PawlakJun 12, 2024
IPA Library5 min read

Enthusiastic iOS users often look for ways to sideload apps from sources not approved by Apple. This has led to the creation of jailbreak...

Kuba PawlakJun 12, 2024
iOS Downgrade5 min read

I tested Firmra1n Downgrade Tool for iOS and I like to share with you my opinion about the app. In fact it's a great UI to automiatize the process utilising futurerestore, gaster, and...

Kuba PawlakJun 12, 2024
iCloud Bypass4 min read

HFZ stands as a trusted provider of diverse iCloud bypass tools tailored for iOS devices. Their latest offering presents a new solution, enabling users to bypass setup and activate...

Kuba PawlakJun 11, 2024
Jailbreak Apps6 min read

If you want to decrypt iOS apps installed from the official App Store and you are not a geeky user that doesn't like to use console DumpDecrypter can be the right tool for you. With this...

Kuba PawlakJun 09, 2024
IPA Library6 min read

Numerous enhancements have been created to augment the functionality of the YouTube app for jailbreak. Among the most exceptional of these modifications is YouTube Reborn, developed...

Kuba PawlakJun 09, 2024