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iOS Apps Updated May 22, 2024

Sileo for RootHide Jailbreak

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One of the most popular package managers, Sileo, allows users to install and manage tweaks on jailbroken iDevices. These days, it's the default package manager on all jailbroken devices, displacing the venerable Cydia podium. The creator of RootHide Jailbreak and Bootstrap, RootHideDev, has published an enhanced version of Sileo for the arm64e system that greatly accelerates repositories.


  • This release of Sileo by RootHideDev can't run on other architectures than arm64e, including arm and arm64. It supports RootHide Jailbreak, RootHide Bootstrap, and Serotonin.
  • Sileo 2.5-15 for RootHide jailbreak was released as a DEB package that can be installed on your iDevice throught a preferred package manager.
  • It's an unofficial release with fixes and improvements brought to you by the RootHide Jailbreak developer. Sileo was not updated for some time now by the main dev.


Sileo 2.5-15 version is designed for arm64e architecture and supports RootHide Jailbreak, RootHide Bootstrap, and Serotonin Jailbreak. This unofficial build, created by RootHideDev, was released as a DEB package that you can install manually on your jailbroken device. This version is not compatible with other jailbreaks including Palera1n or Dopamine.

Many options are available in Sileo to handle packages for iOS devices. In addition, you may add the ability to browse repositories, buy, download, and install packages, read compatibility and tweak descriptions, see screenshots, and much more. It functions like Cydia.

RootHideDev's most recent jailbreak, with its arm64e architecture, provides an integrated workaround for jailbreak detection in almost all mobile applications. You may use it for banking, gaming, social networking, or anything else. It also uses Sileo as the default package manager.

A new, unofficial version of the Sileo package manager specifically designed for the arm64e system was just published by RootHideDev, the developer behind RootHide Bootstrap and RootHide Jailbreak.

It is compatible with RootHide Bootstrap, Serotonin, and RootHide Jailbreak. This version's primary benefit over the previous one is a noticeable increase in repository reload speed.

Moreover, this release improves startup speed and UI response, fixes a problem with random theme resetting, fixes the issue that may cause Sileo to crash after adding hundreds of repos, and fixes the issue of being unable to share downloaded deb files from iCloud to Sileo.



Now, this version can't run on Dopamine. It was compiled only for the arm64e architecture jailbreaks such as RootHide Jailbreak, RootHide Bootstrap, and Serotonin.


Sileo by RootHideDev can be installed through RootHideDev official repository, or by downloading and installing the DEB file manually.


The main difference is the supported architecture. RootHideDev also fixed all known bugs in the package manager, and significantly improved Sileo speed.

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