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Lynx 2 is the Ultimate iPhone Customization tweak for iOS

Lynx 2

Using the Misaka tweaks can be enjoyable, but it can't quite match the extensive possibilities offered by jailbreaking. Lynx 2, on the other hand, stands out as one of the top choices for customizing jailbroken devices, boasting a wealth of options. Its user-friendly interface, organized into categories, makes navigating through the available customization options a breeze. What's more, it supports Dopamine and Palera1n.

Add Lynx 2 Repo

Lynx 2 tweak was released as a DEB package, which can be purchased from the Havoc Store at $1.99. To quickly access the iDevice customization tweak, you can add the official Lynx Repo to your preferred package manager and install the tweak for iOS 14 – iOS 16.

What is Lynx 2?

Lynx 2 stands out as an advanced tweak designed to elevate the customization possibilities of your jailbroken device. Notably, it has been recently updated to provide seamless support for iOS 15 and iOS 16, as well as extending compatibility to rootless jailbreaks like Dopamine and Palera1n. The sheer breadth of options that Lynx 2 brings to the table is staggering, and in this brief overview, I'll delve into just a fraction of its feature-rich capabilities.

Once successfully installed, the Lynx 2 tweak seamlessly integrates itself into your device's Settings app, introducing a dedicated preference pane. Within this dedicated pane, you gain access to a comprehensive array of configuration options, neatly organized into 17 distinct categories. This user-friendly interface allows you to fine-tune your device's settings.

The available categories encompass a wide spectrum of customization options, ranging from SpringBoard and App Library to Icons, Control Center, Widgets, Lock Screen, App Switcher, Status Bar, Settings, Music, Messages, App Store, Phone, Photos, Camera, and even core apps like Safari, Messages, and Notes. Lynx 2 tweak provides access to all settings from one place.

Lynx 2 tweak screenshot.

Unlike tweaks released for KFD or MDC exploits, Lynx 2 takes the full advantage of a jailbroken environment, making all modifications more fun and useful. Take control over the Status Bar, customize icons on Home Screen, or disable WiFi and Bluetooth completely when tapped.

SpringBoard customization within Lynx 2 encompasses an extensive array of options. You can personalize the appearance of individual apps, allowing you to choose between dark and light modes, as well as disabling power vibrations. The dock can be completely hidden or adjusted for transparency, with options to enable a Floating Dock and customize its appearance further.

On the Home Screen, you have control over actions like tapping on the background to lock the device, disabling icon editing, and managing page navigation. Spotlight functionality can be finely tuned, including customizing pinned apps and adjusting the number of icons in suggestion rows. Folders can be configured to display lists of apps in the 3D Touch menu.

Refine the appearance of 3D Touch menus by hiding separator lines between options. Customize table views by showing alphabetical indexes, hiding cell separators, or using inset table styles. Scroll bars can be hidden globally, and search bars can be hidden or adjusted.

Lynx 2 Phone and App Switcher settings.

The home bar's behavior, including its appearance and function, can be tailored to your liking. Navigation bars can always use a small title style, remove separators, and more. Switches can have custom colors, and keyboard feedback can be adjusted for key press haptic feedback.

Alerts can be modified by hiding separators between components. Tab bars can be tweaked to tint badges and hide separators above the bar or button labels. Haptic feedback can be enabled for button taps. You can remove page dots from icon pages and adjust screenshot settings, like hiding screenshot previews and disabling shutter sounds.

Drag and drop functionality can be enabled across all apps. Volume control is highly customizable, allowing you to set a custom number of volume steps. Flashlight settings include enabling timeouts and specifying custom durations. The Airplane Mode alert can be hidden or configured further. Lastly, you can add overlay blurs to your wallpaper.

Lynx 2's status bar enhancements provide a wealth of customization options. You can hide the status bar globally or selectively on the Home Screen and Lock Screen. Customize its appearance with a uniform tint color for all elements.

Lynx 2 tweak Lock Screen and Icons settings.

Further refinements include the ability to hide the camera and microphone sensor dots, remove the breadcrumbs button, and fine-tune the battery display by hiding it completely, eliminating the bolt icon, and choosing the placement of the percentage label. You can also disable the charging animation and enable a convenient tap-to-toggle Low Power Mode feature.

Lynx 2 offers an extensive feature set, including the ability to continue background media playback, an iPad-style camera app, WiFi IP display, status bar hiding, Home Screen layout customization, 3D Touch adjustments, switcher style choices, date and time display, custom carrier text, Spotlight integration, and numerous other advanced customization options.

Additionally, you have granular control over individual status icons, allowing you to hide or display WiFi, cellular signal bars, the clock, location arrow, Rotation Lock, Do Not Disturb moon, Bluetooth, alarm bell, Airplane mode, VPN, CarPlay, and the 'Not Charging' label. Plus, you can choose to hide the background activity spinner, or override cellular signal strength.

Lynx 2 tweak was released as a paid package that can be purchased from Havoc Store for $1.99. Add Lynx 2 Repo to your package manager and install the tweak on iOS 14 – iOS 16. For older devices running iOS 12 and iOS 13 you can try the previous version of Lynx available in the same repository. Lynx tweak supports all modern jailbreaks, including rootless environment.

The new release of Lynx tweak can also run on RootHide Bootstrap and Serotonin Jailbreak with SpringBoard tweak injection toolbox designed for iOS 16. This is not a full jailbroken environment but it can run jailbreak tweaks on iOS 16 through iOS 16.6.1 and A12+ iPhones.

What's new

  • Updated Lynx 2 tweak to version 2.4.8.
  • Added option to replace dictation key with dismiss keyboard.
  • Added option to display cellular data used in Settings.
  • Added option to show network download & upload speed in StatusBar.
  • Added option to choose Control Center background blur style.
  • Increased the maximum & minimum possible values for notification lists offset.
  • Added option to enable notched style status bar.
  • Fixed Lock Screen clock alignment in landscape mode.
  • Fixed 'Replace Spotlight' not working on rootless iOS 15 jailbreaks.
  • Fixed 'Remove App Library' not working on iOS 15 jailbreaks.
  • Fixed 'Lock Hidden Album' feature in Photos not working.

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