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EeveeSpotify is a free Spotify tweak that tweak enables Spotify Premium features for free, just like Spotilife. Recently, the popular Spotilife tweak was outdated and it doesn't work anymore with Spotify. EeveeSpotify is a new alternative that works. whoeevee released EeveeSpotify as a jailbreak tweak for arm and arm64 and prepacked Spotify IPA file for sideloading.

Download EeveeSpotify

EeveeSpotify enables Spotify Premium for free on iOS. Download EeveeSpotify, the working version of Spotify++ IPA in 2024, and move from the outdated Spotilife tweak. Please be aware that using this tweak may be illegal in your country or without an active premium subscription.

What is EeveeSpotify?

EeveeSpotify is under active development tweak for the Spotify music platform that enables Spotify Premium for free, just like Spotilife. It was created on base of Spotilife with added features and improvements making it the only working solution for the latest version of Spotify.

Like Spotilife, EeveeSpotify tweak allows you to access the most demanded feature of Spotify Premium for free such as skipping tracks. Features like very High audio quality, native playlist downloading, and hosting a Spotify Jam and joining it remotely require Premium.

EeveeSpotify is not affiliated with Spotify or its services. The tweak was released as an open-source project available for download via developers GitHub.

Screenshot of EeveeSpotify tweak for iOS 17.

Support for Spotify Jam is only partial allowing you to join in-person works. Downloading music is not available, however, you can download podcast episodes available on the Spotify platform.

EeveeSpotify also adds a unique feature to Spotify. It replaces Spotify's monthly limited lyrics with one of the following three lyrics providers Genius, LRCLIB, or Musixmatch (the service Spotify uses). The last service provides time-synced lyrics for many songs (token required).

Tweak Developer
Several months ago, Spotilife, the only tweak to get Spotify Premium, stopped working on new Spotify versions. I decompiled Spotilife, reverse-engineered Spotify, and created this tweak.

You can select the Premium patching method you prefer:

  • Static: The original method. On app start, the tweak composes cache data by inserting your username into a blank file with preset Premium parameters. When Spotify reloads user data, you'll be switched to the Free plan and see a popup with a quick restart app and reset data actions.
  • Dynamic: This method intercepts requests to load user data, deserializes it, and modifies the parameters in real time. It's much more stable and is recommended.
    If you have an active Premium subscription, you can turn on Do Not Patch Premium. The tweak won't patch the data or restrict the use of Premium server-sided features.

Spotify Premium for free

How it works that you can activate Spotify Premium for free? Starting with version 4.0, EeveeSpotify intercepts Spotify requests to load user data. It deserializes this data and modifies the parameters in real time. This method is the most effective and incredibly stable. You can choose the dynamic Premium patching method in the EeveeSpotify settings.

EeveeSpotify tweak patches some files and loads them in real time so the Spotify app assumes you have Premium Spotify enabled. However, the Spotify app may reload user data, and you'll be switched to the Free plan. When this happens, you'll have to restart the app.

How to access Musixmatch token?

  1. Download the Musixmatch Lyrics Finder app from the App Store.
  2. Open the Musixmatch app and log in to your account.
  3. Go to Settings Scroll down click "Get Help" click "Copy debug info".
  4. Paste this into EeveeSpotify, when it asks you for your user token.

EeveeSpotify for jailbreak

EeveeSpotify was also released as a DEB package for jailbreaks. This way you can easily install the tweak with the App Store version of the Spotify app and apply the hacks without the need to sideload Spotify++ IPA every time a new version is released.

You can download Spotify Premium tweak for iOS from the EeveeSpotify Releases page. To install it, just download the correct version for your device and send the file to a package manager. You can also manually inject this tweak into a decrypted version of the Spotify app.

How to install EeveeSpotify on iOS

EeveeSpotify can be sideloaded on your iPhone or iPad using your favorite IPA installer. Download the most recent version of EeveeSpotify IPA offering the latest version of the Spotify app with inject EeveeSpotify tweak. Install it and enjoy Spotify Premium for free.

  1. Download the latest EeveeSpotify IPA for iOS 16 – iOS 17.
  2. Install Sideloadly for Windows or macOS.
  3. Sideload EeveeSpotify IPA by following the guide Installing IPA on iPhone.
  4. Open the Spotify App from your Home Screen.
  5. Access EeveeSpotify preferences within Spotify Settings.



Yes, using EeveeSpotify is safe. The tweak is modifying some files on the device to trick the Spotify app into thinking that the premium subscription is active.


No, not all Spotify Premium features can be enabled with EeveeSpotify. This tweak allows you to activate remove ads and remove limited skips.


Spotilife is not working with the latest version of Spotify app because it was not updated for a long time. Alternatively, you can download the EeveeSpotify tweak.

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