Hacktivator Unlock: Bypass iCloud activation for iOS

Hacktivator Unlock

Numerous paid tools are available for bypassing iCloud activation for checkm8 devices running iOS 12 – iOS 16. However, thanks to the community, there are also free alternatives that offer comparable features, just like Hacktivator Unlock. Notably, Hackt1vator Unlock allows you to bypass iCloud activation (no signal). Recently, Hackt1vator Unlock was released for Windows PC with iCloud bypass and MDM bypass.

Download Hacktivator Unlock for Windows and macOS:

What is Hacktivator Unlock?

Hacktivator Unlock is a free Windows and macOS tool to bypass iCloud activation for iOS 12 – iOS 16. This is a complete solution to jailbreak your device, activate and deactivate device, execute MDM Bypass, and even bypass passcode on iOS 14, iOS 15, and iOS 16. The tool combines the power of open source scripts, and jailbreak tools such as palera1n, and checkra1n.

To ensure successful usage of this Bypass iCloud activation tool on iOS 12 – iOS 16, it is necessary to run a few scripts from the command line. Detailed instructions on executing these scripts can be found in the following section. Please note that Hacktivator Unlock is specifically designed for macOS and is compatible with macOS 11 and later versions.

Please be aware that as all other iCloud bypass tools also Hacktivator Unlock is supporting only checkm8 vulnerable iOS device on iOS 12 up to iOS 16 (A8 – A11). Before activating a tethered device running iOS 15 – iOS 16 or iOS 12 – iOS 16 a jailbreak is required. After removing the Activation Lock Screen on iOS 12 – iOS 16.6, the device doesn't support SIM card signal.

Screenshot of Hackt1vator Unlock: Bypass iCloud activation for iOS 12 - iOS 16.

What's more, Hacktivator Unlock for iOS 12 – iOS 16 offers also an option to bypass passcode on checkm8 devices running iOS 14 – iOS 16. The passcode on iOS devices serves as a security measure to protect users personal information and prevent unauthorized access to your device. It acts as a lock that requires a specific combination of numbers, letters, or characters to unlock the device and access its contents. Hacktivator Unlock can bypass this security feature.

This bypass iCloud activation for iOS 12 – iOS 16 comes equipped with all the necessary tools to facilitate the jailbreaking process for your device. It includes pre-packaged essentials like the palera1n-c jailbreak, checkra1n, and ramdisk apps. Consequently, there is no need for separate downloads of these tools, as they are conveniently bundled within Hackt1vator Unlock.

Hacktivator is specifically designed to work in conjunction with well-known jailbreak methods that utilize the checkm8 exploit. As a result, its compatibility is limited to devices ranging from A9 to A11, running iOS 12 through iOS 16. This means that devices released between the iPhone 6S and iPhone X are supported, enabling you to bypass the passcode security feature on iOS.

Screenshot of palera1n-c jailbreak terminal app.

However, it's important to note that newer devices such as the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XS are currently not supported by Hacktivator. Unfortunately, there are no plans to provide support for these devices in the future due using the checkm8 exploit.

Recently, the developer behind Hacktivator Unlock launched a dedicated Windows application that empowers users to effortlessly jailbreak their devices and perform iCloud bypass and MDM bypass directly from their PCs. While utilizing Hacktivator Unlock Windows does involve jailbreaking your device, it's worth noting that it includes a built-in Hackt1vatorRa1n jailbreak and WinRa1n jailbreak, which are based on checkra1n, to streamline the process.

Hacktivator Unlock was developed by Hackt1vator and introduced as an open-source project. All files associated scripts with Hackt1vator can be found inside the app folder. The source code of this free passcode bypass tool, for iOS 12 to iOS 16, is built using the Python programming language and leverages shell commands to execute various exploits.

Hackt1vator Unlock Windows screenshot.

Supported devices

A9iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone SE,iPad (2017) 5th gen
A9XiPad Pro (12.9 in.) 1st gen, iPad Pro (9.7 in.)
A10iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, iPad (2018, 6th gen),iPad (2019, 7th gen)
A10XiPad Pro 10.5” (2017),iPad Pro 12.9” 2nd gen (2017)
A11iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X

How to install Hacktivator Unlock

At first, when you try to install Hacktivator Unlock on your device it may not open, or display an information that the file is damaged. Hackt1vator created a simple scripts that can automate the installation process and allow the app to run on your macOS.

  1. Download Hackt1vatorUnlock.zip to Desktop and extract the file.
  2. Move the Hackt1vatorUnlock app to Applications folder.
  3. Open terminal app and execute those commands:
    /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL https://www.appletech752.com/dependencies.sh)"
    /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL http://hackt1vator.com/install.sh)"
  4. Open Hackt1vatorUnlock from Applications folder.

The initial script downloads all the essential components needed to run the application on macOS. You can conveniently download the file to your Desktop and use a text editor to examine its contents, gaining a clear understanding of the requirements.

In order to open the Hacktivator app on your computer, you will first need probably also access the System Settings app. Once you have located the app, navigate to the “Privacy & Security” section within the settings menu. From there, locate the Security section and find the option that allows applications to be downloaded from external sources.

The Install.sh script is responsible for adding the application to quarantine and granting read, write, and execute permissions to all executed scripts. Below you can view what it is doing.


sudo -v
while true; do sudo -n true; sleep 60; kill -0 "$$" || exit; done 2>/dev/null &

sudo xattr -r /Applications/Hackt1vatorUnlock.app
sudo xattr -rd com.apple.quarantine /Applications/Hackt1vatorUnlock.app
sudo xattr -d com.apple.quarantine /Applications/Hackt1vatorUnlock.app
sudo xattr -r com.apple.quarantine /Applications/Hackt1vatorUnlock.app
chmod 755 /Applications/Hackt1vatorUnlock.app
sudo chmod 755 /Applications/Hackt1vatorUnlock.app/Contents/Resources/deactivate.sh
sudo chmod 755 /Applications/Hackt1vatorUnlock.app/Contents/Resources/boot.sh
sudo chmod 755 /Applications/Hackt1vatorUnlock.app/Contents/Resources/create.sh
sudo chmod 755 /Applications/Hackt1vatorUnlock.app/Contents/Resources/palera1n-macos-universal
sudo chmod 755 /Applications/Hackt1vatorUnlock.app/Contents/Resources/activate.sh
sudo chmod 755 /Applications/Hackt1vatorUnlock.app/Contents/Resources/mdm.sh
chmod 755 /Applications/Hackt1vatorUnlock.app/Contents/Resources/checkra1n.app
sudo chmod 755 /Applications/Hackt1vatorUnlock.app/Contents/Resources/prepare.sh
sudo chmod 755 /Applications/Hackt1vatorUnlock.app/Contents/Resources/mdm_ramdisk.sh
sudo chmod 755 /Applications/Hackt1vatorUnlock.app/Contents/Resources/restore.sh
sudo chmod 755 /Applications/Hackt1vatorUnlock.app/Contents/Resources/bypass.sh
sudo chmod 755 /Applications/Hackt1vatorUnlock.app/Contents/Resources/debypass.sh
sudo chmod 755 /Applications/Hackt1vatorUnlock.app/Contents/Resources/restore_ios14.sh
sudo chmod 755 /Applications/Hackt1vatorUnlock.app/Contents/Resources/save.sh
sudo chmod 755 /Applications/Hackt1vatorUnlock.app/Contents/Resources/reboot.sh
sudo chmod 755 /Applications/Hackt1vatorUnlock.app/Contents/Resources/device/ideviceinfo
sudo chmod 755 /Applications/Hackt1vatorUnlock.app/Contents/Resources/device/exit.sh
sudo chmod 755 /Applications/Hackt1vatorUnlock.app/Contents/Resources/device/ideviceactivation
sudo chmod 755 /Applications/Hackt1vatorUnlock.app/Contents/Resources/device/ideviceenterrecovery
sudo chmod 755 /Applications/Hackt1vatorUnlock.app/Contents/Resources/device/irecovery
sudo chmod 755 /Applications/Hackt1vatorUnlock.app/Contents/Resources/device/iproxy
sudo chmod 755 /Applications/Hackt1vatorUnlock.app/Contents/Resources/device/sshpass

What's new

  • Updated Hacktivator Unlock for Mac to version 1.3.2.
  • Updated Hacktivator Unlock for Windows to version 1.1.
  • Added free Untethered passcode bypass with Signal.
  • Added an option to erase the device without losing iOS version.
  • Ramdisk fix for iOS 16.
  • Added Hacktivator Unlock for Windows.
  • Added MDM bypass feature.
  • Overall improvements and bug fixes.

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