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Best App Sources for Esign

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One of Esign's greatest advantages is support for App Sources. You may access all of the applications and games in one location by adding new sources to the IPA installer. With a download manager integrated right within the app, Esign makes it simple to access and download IPA files. This is the list of the Best App Sources for Esign in 2024. Download unofficial, tweaked, enhanced iOS apps and games for free.


  • Installed the latest version of Esign.
  • iDevice with iOS 14 – iOS 17.
  • Internet connection.

How to add App Sources

  1. Install ESign on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Open the ESign app from your Home Screen.
  3. On the Tab Bar switch from Files to AppStore.
  4. Tap on App Sources and next to the + button.
  5. Insert a valid App Source URL for ESign.
  6. ESign will now fetch all IPA files from added sources.

List of App Sources

1. SideStore Community Store

As the official ESign App Source, the SideStore Community Store offers a vast selection of emulators and jailbreak tools selected by the SideStore community, who also created the on-device IPA installer. Apps for iOS like Delta, PPSSPP, Mini vMac, unc0ver, and many more are available for download here.

Esign Repo / Source URL:

2. Starfiles Team Picks

A wealth of apps, including jailbreaks, modified, and cracked applications, may be found on the Starfiles Community. ESign makes it simple for you to access this vast assortment of apps and tweaks with a list of more than 1,000 IPA files.

Esign Repo / Source URL:

3. App Testers Repo

App Testers Repo is one of the most well-known AltStore Sources, with over 2300 IPA files in its large library that can be downloaded and installed using the popular IPA installer. This repository has a vast selection of apps and games that have been carefully selected to work with iOS versions 14 through 17.

Esign Repo / Source URL:

4. CyPwn IPA Library

For ESign users searching for a large selection of IPA files, the CyPwn IPA Library is an invaluable resource. You can get anything you need here, including customized or cracked applications, DEB files for jailbreaking, and CyPwn Store to locate even more IPA files for ESign, TIPA for TrollStore, and so on. CyPwn IPA Library has a large collection of files, making it the ideal resource.

Esign Repo / Source URL:

5. WuXu's Library++

Your best bet for the newest iOS IPA files is WuXu's Library++. Get access to a large selection of apps—including cracked, modified, and ++ apps—that aren't listed on the App Store in one handy location. These programs are simple to download and install from this ESign Source.

Esign Repo / Source URL:

6. OatmealDome's Source

The official source for IPA files for DolphiniOS, the well-liked iOS console emulator, is OatmealDome's Source. No jailbreak is needed to use this GameCube and Wii emulator for iOS and iPadOS, which supports iOS 12.0 and later.

Esign Repo / Source URL:

7. Flyinghead Repository

Flyinghead Repository for ESign offers for download Flycast IPA, the multiplatform Sega Dreamcast, Naomi, Naomi 2 and Atomiswave emulator for iOS.

Esign Repo / Source URL:

8. Burrito's AltStore

Burrito's ESign Source provides access to a few IPA files that can be easily installed with ESign on your device. Download unc0ver, Sileo Demo, appdb, UTM, Provenance, and iNDS.

Esign Repo / Source URL:

9. Niantic Wayfarer Source

Niantic Wayfarer AltStore Source offers access to the unofficial Niantic Wayfarer app for iOS offering with Dark Mode and OPR Brainstorming support. Niantic Wayfarer App enables Niantic Lightship Developers to create scans that contribute to Niantic's worldwide VPS.

Esign Repo / Source URL:

10. PokeMMO Source

PokeMMO Source for ESign is the official distribution method to install the free to play MMORPG game for iOS devices. Use this repository to install the mobile game on your iPhone.

Esign Repo / Source URL:

11. Odyssey Repo

Odyssey Repo for ESign offers the latest IPA file of the modern jailbreak released for iOS 13 – iOS 13.7. This is the official installation method of the jailbreak recommended by the developers.

Esign Repo / Source URL:

12. Taurine Repo

Taurine Repo is the official ESign Source offering quick access to the IPA file of the popular jailbreak tool for iOS 14 – iOS 14.3. It installs Sileo, a Cydia alternative, that allows you to download tweaks and apps on your jailbroken devices from popular repositories.

Esign Repo / Source URL:

13. Random Source

Random Source for ESign offers access to a couple of IPA files that can be easily sideloaded with your favorite IPA installer app. You can find here PPSSPP, unc0ver, chimera, among others.

Esign Repo / Source URL:

14. Provenance EMU Source

Provenance EMU is the official ESign Source with the multi-emulator frontend, supporting various Atari, Bandai, NEC, Nintendo, Sega, SNK and Sony console systems.

Esign Repo / Source URL:

15. Qn_'s Repo

Qn_'s Repo provides modified versions of Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube IPA files for iOS. Utilize this repository to install ++ apps, offering features like ad-blocking and more.

Esign Repo / Source URL:

16. iSH Repo

The iSH ESign Repo exclusively offers the iSH mobile app for download. This project is dedicated to enabling a Linux shell environment to run directly on your iOS device, achieved through a user-mode x86 emulator.

Esign Repo / Source URL:

17. swaggyP36000 IPA Library

swaggyP36000 IPA Library is an impressive collection of IPA files compatible with the Esign IPA installer. You can download the most popular tweaked apps from this Library, free Premium apps, and more.

Esign Repo / Source URL:

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