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Zebra jailbreak package manager for iOS 15 - iOS 16

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There is no denying that Cydia has been the go-to package manager for iOS devices for quite some time now. It comes pre-installed with many jailbreak tools and has earned a reputation for its reliability. However, with the emergence of Zebra there are now even more options for managing all repositories on your iPhone, also rootless jailbreaks.

Add Zebra Repo and install the app on your jailbroken device:

What is Zebra?

Zebra jailbreak package manager for iOS devices is packed with amazing features. It works extremely fast, compared to Cydia when refreshing repositories or installing tweaks. It supports all devices running iOS 9 up to iOS 16 and was updated to support Palera1n. Zebra app also works on rootless jailbreaks such as Fugu15 Max on iOS 15 – iOS 15.4.1.

Once installed, you can easily transfer community sources from popular package managers. Zebra can import repositories from Cydia, Sileo, and Installer with one tap. What's more, it recognizes tweak stores, allowing you to log in and access all purchased tweaks and apps.

This feature is provided by the Sileo API. The latest release also includes support for payment vendors on iOS 9 and iOS 10. Signing in to sources allows for the purchase of paid tweaks and themes. Zebra Jailbreak Package Manager can also export and import the list of all repositories and save the list of all installed packages on your device to a text file.

Two iPhone screens showing Zebra app on iOS 15.

Zebra jailbreak is released as an open-source project. Managing repositories with this package manager was never easier. You can add multiple sources with a single tap and view all packages listed in repositories by categories. This will speed setting up the app for the first time.

By default, Zebra jailbreak displays recent jailbreak community news posted on Reddit and featured packages (from repos with Featured Package API support) on the home page. You can disable those functions from app Settings or switch to random to view packages from all repos.

From there, you can switch the accent color, change Zebra app icon (9 icon styles available), enable the pure dark mode, change package manager interface language, automatically dismiss the console when all tasks are completed, or reset the configuration. Filtering is also available. This option is useful to hide packages in sections you are not interested in.

To speed up Zebra, you can change the download timeout. It's for how long the Package Manage will wait for a source to respond before timing out. I would recommend using the 10-second option. All repositories are automatically refreshed when you open Zebra app.

Two iPhone screens shows Zebra Settings and Sources pane.

After sources will be refreshed, you can view all changes from the Changes page. Zebra Jailbreak app displays a clear list with all new and updated tweaks with dates and some basic descriptions. If a tweak is paid, there is an informative $ icon displayed on the tweak list.

The packages page contains the list of all installed tweaks, apps, and libraries. There is an option to sort the list by Date, Size, and ABC. With Zebra, you can also view all installed files by a tweak, and search tab for packages while typing (can be disabled on older devices).

One of the most useful features of Zebra jailbreak package manager is the Wish list. The jailbreak community is releasing thousands of tweaks, and it can be a challenge to remember everything that is released. With Wish list, you can add new tweaks to the list for quick access.

Recently, Zebra package manager was updated to support the latest Palera1n Jailbreak released for iOS 15.0 – 15.7.1, and iOS 16 – 16.2 on iPhone 6S up to iPhone X. Zebra is now aware of rootless jailbreak packages, but XinaA15 jailbreak for iOS 15 – iOS 15.1.1 is not supported. However, Zebra 1.1.30 handles packages and repos on rootless Fugu15 Max jailbreak.

Info: Due to Sileo's recent decision to discontinue support for XinaA15, the Zebra Team has announced that they will not be providing support for the jailbreak either.

Two iPhone screens showing Zeba app Wish List and Install package feature.

Starting with Zebra 1.1.29 the package manager is spited into 2 packages. Depending on jailnbreak you should install iphoneos-arm for traditional “root filesystem” including Palera1n for iOS 15 – iOS 16, and iphoneos-arm64 for new “rootless” jailbreaks, on iOS 15 and later.

The app recognizes multiple versions of a package available through different repositories, allowing you to “Always Install the Latest” version. Zebra is probably the best package manager that can replace Cydia. Use it to manage repositories, and install/uninstall jailbreak tweaks.

Zebra Jailbreak package manager was published as an open-source project, with source code available through GitHub Repository. It was released under GPL-3.0 License. The last changes to the code were added on 13 Dec 2022. The project is still under active maintenance.

To compile Zebra jailbreak by yourself it's required to use a macOS, Xcode, and libraries like theos, fakeroot, and xcpretty. Zebra was written in 95.1% Objective-C and 4.6% in C language. You are very welcome to pull requests to fix bugs, add new features, and fix awful code.

If you don't feel that Zebra is the right APT for you, there are also some other package managers that you try. Sileo is one of the most popular ones, but there are also AppTapp Installer with a clean and modern interface or Saily, a simple and fast package manager for iOS.

Two iPhone screens showing Zebra Package Manager Sources.

After the release of versions 1.1.30, Zebra have made changes to the way package lists are displayed on rootless jailbreaks. Now, Zebra filters out non-rootless packages from appearing in the package lists for rootless jailbreaks, and vice versa. However, incompatible packages can still be found on the Search tab, but will be displayed dimmed to that they are not supported.

Zebra jailbreak also introduces opt-in Canister analytics. Canister is a tool unlocking the ability to search for thousands of packages across hundreds of different Jailbreak repositories. All of this information is accessible through a public API with future plans to host a website for users to interact with the search engine directly.

Zebra 2.0 is going to be a completely redesigned from the ground-up, with the primary initiative being to condense the Feature page layout to make navigation easier and more user-friendly. There will also be a dedicated edition for iPadOS, making it even more fun to use on bigger screens. On top of that, Zebra will support rootless jailbreaks developed for iOS 15 like Fugu15.

Upcoming features include a more intelligent search function that provides relevant search results based on where in the app the query was first initiated, and a more detailed installer interface that provides a concise information display about what’s being installed.

Zebra 2.0 will also offer a new Dependency Tree in the queue to show which packages dependencies belong to, so users will have a better idea of what requires what.

All new jailbreaks for iOS 15 such as Cheyote Jailbreak or Blizzard Jailbreak promised to provide support for Zebra 2.0 package manager when released from day one, but it never happened. Definitely, the era of Cydia did pass, and now it's time for others to take the steering wheel.

Add Repository

To download Zebra on your jailbroken device, it's required to add the official Zebra Repo to Cydia Sources. Add Zebra Repository and install the package manager on your iPhone now. The developer also provides access to Zebra Beta, located at a dedicated Beta Repository. If you are running a rootless jailbreak such as Fugu15 use instead Procurs Repo to install Zebra.

To install Zebra jailbreak on your jailbroken device, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Sileo app from the Home Screen.
  2. Tap on the Sources tab, then select Edit.
  3. Add the following repositories URL:
  4. Install Zebra from the newly added Repo.
  5. Respiring your iPhone to apply changes.
  6. Zebra app icon will be added to the Home Screen.

Two iPhone screens showing Zebra Repo and Installed Files.

For added convenience, you can quickly add the repository to your preferred package managers (Cydia, Sileo, Installer, Zebra) by using the convenient quick links provided at top of this page. With just one click, you can easily add the repository and download Zebra jailbreak.

What's new?

  • Updated Zebra to version 1.1.36.
  • Fix installing packages from local deb file.
  • Overall improvements and bug fixes.
  • Added rootless jailbreak support.
  • Fix a crash when removing a filter.
  • Change community sources for palera1n based on jailbreak type.
  • Fixes jailbreak detection names.
  • Fix Procursus iOS 16 architecture.
  • Fixes packages displaying a rootless incompatibility error message.
  • Fixes crashes while navigating the app due to an Apple bug in iOS 15.0 – iOS 15.1.1.
  • Prepares for upcoming Dopamine jailbreak release.
  • Adds jailbreak configuration information to the support email template.
  • Adds support for importing sources from Sileo Nightly builds.
  • Brings detection for many (hopefully all) iOS 9 – iOS 10 jailbreaks.
  • Fixes Zebra entering Demo Mode on some iOS 9 – iOS 10 jailbreaks.
  • Fixes a UI issue when switching app themes on iOS 9 – iOS 12.
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