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Tweaks Updated May 10, 2024

Witcher brings a new App Switcher interface to iOS

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A new modification that modifies the way users may interact with the App Switcher has been introduced to the jailbreak community by MatoiDev. While most jailbreak tweaks change the appearance of the App Switcher's default windows, Witcher adds some extra fun to the interface. The tweak is still under active development with Alpha status.


Witcher tweak is still under active development. The most recent release of the packages is available for download from tweaks's GitHub Release page. The developer did not publish Witcher throught a repository. Download the DEB package and install it via your preferred package manager. The tweak supports rootless and rootful jailbreaks on iOS 14 and beyond.

What is Witcher?

Witcher is an App Switcher modification for iOS 14 – iOS 15 that can run both rootless and rootful jailbreak environments, including the most well-known ones like Palera1n and Dopamine. It was published by MatoiDev. The new jailbreak tweak swaps out the familiar App Switcher for a Circle Switcher with wonderfully designed animations accessible from the Home Screen

For now, jailbroken devices may install the tweak manually by installing the DEB package for arm or arm64 architectures. Witcher doesn't have any preferences, but it appears that the creator is planning on incorporating one, promising some tweak modifications, into the Settings app.

Witcher shows you a Circle Switcher where you may see five icons of recently launched apps. A window displaying the current condition will open when you tap on the icon. In the event that the system has more than five apps open at once, a special icon providing access to all apps.

Screenshot of Witcher tweak running on iOS 15.

From Witcher's iOS App Switcher interface, you can easily close running apps or search for opened windows. Although the adjustment is still in its early stages, it is already testable. Users are invited to submit pull requests and offer ideas and improvements for the tweak. Witcher was released as an open-source project with all source files listed via the GitHub Repository.

More functionality and customization choices will undoubtedly be included in later versions of the Witcher patch. We're excited to see where the development goes and the modification of iOS 14 – iOS 15 App Switcher for jailbreak already seems promising.

Just to let you know, this version doesn't support iOS 16 and newer. It may change in the future.

Witcher is not the only App Switcher tweak available for jailbroken devices. As an alternative, you may use NewGridSwitcher, which changes the system to show all active apps in a two-row grid style. This makes it possible for you to view and navigate between four open windows at once, making app switching quicker and more effective.

You can take total control over how your App Switcher looks thanks to the KillApps tweak. Not only that, but you can also use the slide-down gesture or a single press to dismiss all open applications. Worth looking into are also PrimeDeck and SwitchShades.

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