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LocationSimulator tweak for Misaka


Misaka stands out as a top-notch alternative for users who lack a jailbreak on iOS 15 – iOS 17. This platform provides a diverse range of tweaks capable of enhancing the stock iOS experience, and now, users can further customize their iPhone by installing the LocationSimulator tweak to set a simulated GPS location. With this tweak you can fake your real location on iOS 14 – iOS 15 in all apps and games installed on your device.

What is LocationSimulator?

LocationSimulator for Misaka is a new tweak that allows user to alter the real GPS coordinates of their devices and set a fake location anywhere in the world. Locations spoofers are mostly used when playing various GPS games like Pokemon GO or dating apps. Now also Misaka offers a dedicated tweak allowing users to change iPhone location without a jailbreak.

Straight-tamago is the main developer of Misaka Tweak Manager allowing Apple devices to use some tweaks without the need for a jailbroken environment. Once at a time, the developer is also releasing some tweaks and this time he released LocationSimulator. This new tweak for Misaka allows users to set fake GPS coordinates on their iPhones.

Installing the LocationSimulator tweak is a straightforward process. Simply locate it within the Misaka Tweak Manager, and once installed, setting a new GPS location becomes effortless. Just activate the tweak and select from the menu "Simulation Start" to activate a map. Keep in mind that Misaka must run in the background for seamless functionality.

LocationSimulator tweak for Misaka.

Misaka for iOS is a tweak manager for MacDirtyCow & KFD exploits, allowing you to modify iOS without the need for jailbreak. It doesn't offer as many possibilities as a jailbreak has to offer, but still, things you can modify or enable on your device are amazing. Please be aware that the LocationSimulator tweak can run only on TrollStore-compatible devices.

GPS spoofers on iPhones can be used for reasons such as safeguarding privacy, gaining advantages in location-based games, testing location-based app features, accessing content with location restrictions, appearing in different locations for navigation, and circumventing geographical restrictions, although it's crucial to be aware of potential legal and ethical implications as well as violations of app terms of service.

When you are running a jailbroken environment you can alternatively try the Relocate Reborn tweak. This simple jailbreak tweak can change the GPS location override globally in the system or only in selected apps. Change your location in every app accessing GPS on your iPhone including Google Maps, Tinder, Find My iPhone, Find My Friends, Badoo, etc.

There is also LocSim, a terminal tool to spoof GPS location on iOS. Use it to spoof your location and pretend to be somewhere you aren’t. This utility works on all modern jailbreaks running iOS 14, and rootless jailbreaks on iOS 15 and iOS 16 such as Dopamine and Palera1n.

What's new

  • Updated LocationSimulator to version 1.1.
  • Overall improvements and bug fixes.

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