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CrackTool5 cracks paid jailbreak tweaks on iOS 15


Julio Verne, the developer creating ad-blocking hacks for iOS apps such as Spotify, Hulu, Pandora, Pluto TV, and YouTube Music, has recently unveiled an enhanced version of his activation tool. With the release of CrackTool5, users can now enjoy the added capability of cracking an extensive selection of top tweaks and apps for rootless jailbreaks.

Add CrackTool5 Repo to your package manager and install the app:

What is CrackTool5?

CrackTool5 represents the renowned cracking toolset developed by Julio Verne, specifically designed for jailbreak tweaks and apps. This latest upgrade carries significant improvements, particularly in its compatibility with rootless jailbreaks on both iOS 15 and iOS 16. CrackTool5 works with fugu15 Max, Dopamine, Palera1n, and XinaA15 rootless jailbreaks.

Presently, users can leverage the activation of 14 tools, but this figure is set to expand substantially, reaching approximately 40 in the near future. Additionally, CrackTool5 offers a range of useful features, including the ability to reboot, reboot userspace, respring, Idrestart, enter safe mode, clear uicache, execute terminal commands, and access the keychain.

Upon installation, CrackTool5 app is available from the Home Screen for quick access. By default, it comes with plugins allowing to activate iCleaner Pro, Apps Manager, Filza, Watusi, Stalky, OnlineNotify, AnsweringMachine XS, AquaBoard XS, AudioRecorder XS, AutoAnswer XS, BioProtect, DinamicPeninsula, Glow, NFCWriter XS, SmartTap XS, and VoiceChanger XS.

Two iPhone screens showing CrackTool5 app interface on iOS 15.

CrackTool5 interface also conveniently displays essential device information at the bottom. This includes details such as the device type, installed iOS version, CPU architecture, hardware model, UDID, serial number, ECID, Bluetooth information, and Wi-Fi MAC address.

These pertinent specifications are readily accessible, providing users with a comprehensive overview of their device configuration. CrackTool5 was designed for piracy porpoises only, and it's illegal to use. Always support developers by purchasing tweaks and apps.

While CrackTool4, the previous iteration of this cracking tool, continues to excel in functionality, it remains highly compatible with iOS 13 – iOS 14. Users can effectively employ it to enable popular jailbreak tweaks and apps specifically designed for older non-rootless jailbreaks.

Add Repository

The private Julio Verne Repository contains the latest version of CrackTool5 app designed to crack and activate a various jailbreak apps and tweaks. To install CrackTool5 tweak on your iPhone it's required to add the official Repository to your package manager. CrackTool5 rootless supports all jailbreaks running iOS 15 – iOS 16 including Dopamine and Palera1n.

To install CrackTool5 on your jailbroken device, follow those steps:

  1. Open the Sileo app from the Home Screen.
  2. Tap on the Sources tab, then select Edit button.
  3. Add the following repository URL:
  4. Install CrackTool5 from the new repository.
  5. Respiring your iPhone to apply changes.
  6. Access CrackTool5 app from the Home Screen.

Sileo app screens showing CrackTool5 Repo and installed files on iOS 15.

For added convenience, you can quickly add the repo to your preferred package managers (Cydia, Sileo, Installer, Zebra) by using the convenient quick links provided at the top of this page. With just one click, you can easily add the repo and download CrackTool5 for iOS 15.

What's new

  • Initial release of CrackTool5 5.0.

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  • IdonthaveOne

    IdonthaveOne 11 months ago

    Sorry. Can't find it in the repo (Sileo). Only CrackTool4 and CrackTool. Same when I open the repo link in a browser.

    • qbap

      qbap 11 months ago

      CrackTool5 is specifically designed for rootless jailbreaks running iOS 15 and iOS 16; it is not compatible with rootful jailbreaks and will not appear in their package list or when you use the browser. Furthermore, it cannot be installed on non-rootless jailbreaks. To sum up the CrackTool5 package is still available for download in the mentioned repository.

  • IdonthaveOne

    IdonthaveOne 11 months ago

    Thanks for the explanation. Im pretty new to this stuff ;) I guess it is time for palera1n "rootless". Btw your homepage gave me a lot of usefull informations about jailbreaks/repos/ipas.
    Thank you / Dziękuję bardzo !

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