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Control Center is a feature in iOS that provides quick access to a range of controls and app shortcuts from a single location. BigSurCenter redesigns the look of CC making it fresh, new and lightweight. It's inspired by the new control center in macOS Big Sur.

Add BigSurCenter Repo to your package manager:

What is BigSurCenter?

BigSurCenter is a jailbreak tweak that replaces the default iOS Control Center with a new design inspired by macOS Big Sur. The tweak works on all modern jailbreaks released for iOS 13 up to iOS 16. It works on iOS 15 running Palera1n and XinaA15 jailbreaks, and what's more the most recent version has been released also as BigSurCenter rootless package for Dopamine.

Control Center allows you to quickly toggle settings such as airplane mode, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth adjust the brightness of the screen, open camera and flashlight, etc. You can customize the Control Center to include the controls and app shortcuts for favorite tools.

After installation, BigSurCenter tweak includes a dedicated preference pane that is added to the Settings app. From there you can toggle the tweak on and off, and configure all options to your liking. the Control Center tweak was created by nicho1asdev, designed by Futur3Sn0w.

Two iPhone screens showing the BigSurCenter tweak Control Center interface on iOS Home Screen.

BigSurCenter comes with a lot of customization option to choose from. The tweak allows you to not only activate and manage available modules, but also customize the look and style. It's compatible with custom control center module tweaks, and it supports both iPhones and iPads.

Gain control over the BigSurCenter Control Center layout and slider style, toggle module size, define module corner radius, and select between a dark, light, or dynamic appearance. You can even set a custom background image and define custom colors for the sliders and module background. This flexibility gives you complete control over the look of your Control Center.

From the Customize preference page in the BigSurCenter tweak, you have the ability to customize various aspects of the CC. You can toggle on the slider percent label, continuous module corners, hide the AirPlay button or change its position, hide the battery percent, hide the battery view, hide the time, and even enable a blur effect for the background image.

BigSurCenter Control Center tweak provides a range of customization options for the animation and activation of the Control Center. Make CC appear with an animation from the top or bottom of the screen, and you can adjust the animation speed to be slower, faster, or lightning-fast.

Two iPhone screens showing BigSurCenter preference pane and favourite modules manager in Settings app.

Additionally, you have control over the CC activation gestures. You can open it using the stock gesture, from the lower left or lower right corner of the screen, or from both corners. These options give you flexibility and control over how you access and use the Control Center.

BigSurCenter Control Center has recently been updated to support iOS 15. This means that you can now install the tweak on the Palera1n jailbreak for iOS 15.0 to 15.7.2 on A9-A11 devices, and on XinaA15, the rootless jailbreak for iOS 15.0 to 15.1.1 on A12 devices.

With this update, you can enjoy the customizable Control Center on iOS 15. The developer is also looking into adding support for iOS 16. Once released, the information will be included in the article. Don't hesitate and download the tweak on your iPhone or iPad today.

Add Repository

BigSurCenter was released as a paid package that can be purchase it for $2.99 from the Havoc repository. Add the official BigSurCenter Repo to your package manager and install this Control Center tweak for iOS 13, iOS 14, iOS 15, and iOS 16. BigSurCenter rootless is available as a separate package for Dopamine. Refresh your device with this simple add-on.

To get started with the BigSurCenter Control Center, simply follow these steps:

  1. First open the Cydia app and navigate to the Sources tab.
  2. From there, tap on the Edit button and select Add.
  3. Add the following repository URL:
  4. Once the repository has been added, you can install the BigSurCenter package.
  5. After installation is complete, respring your iPhone for the changes to take effect.
  6. Now you can enable the BigSurCenter tweak from the Settings app.

Sileo app showing BigSurCenter Repo and installed files.

Alternatively, use one of the quick links provided at the top of this page to add the repository to your preferred package manager (such as Cydia, Sileo, Installer, or Zebra) with just one tap.

Note: To purchase the tweak you must use a modern package manager like Sileo, Saily, Zebra, or Installer. Cydia is outdated, and it doesn't offer an option to buy tweaks.

What's new

  • Updated BigSurCenter to version 1.4.3.
  • Added support for iOS 16.5.
  • Support for rootless jailbreaks such as Dopamine.
  • Added support for iOS 16.
  • Resolved an iOS 14 crash.
  • Resolved an iOS 15 crash.
  • Fixed spacing between toggles to look cleaner.
  • Fixed the audio module to work properly on iOS 15.
  • Added iOS 15 support.
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