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iCloud Bypass Updated May 11, 2024

Bypass iPhone passcode with calls using Broque Ramdisk

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Broque Ramdisk for Windows is a free tool that bypasses iPhone passcodes and activates the device, allowing you to use a SIM card with signal support. Achieving a successful iPhone passcode bypass for A7-A11 devices can be tough and takes roughly 20 minutes to complete. This tutorial will walk you through the full procedure.


  • Broque Ramdisk for Windows is released as a free software with access to all features, including option to bypass iPhone passcode with signal.
  • To utilize this bypass method, you must first obtain a modified Ramdisk for your iPhone and then boot an untrusted image using ChecmM8.
  • This solution is applicable with smartphones launched between the iPhone 5s and iPhone X. Everything released with the iPhone XS or later is not supported.
  • Broque Ramdisk for Mac is released as a paid software that allows you to access all features for $2 per iDevice.


Bypass iPhone Passcode

Bypass iPhone passcode with calls using Broque Ramdisk, follow the steps:

  1. Open Broque Ramdisk from your installation folder.
  2. Connect your iPhone to the PC via USB cable.
  3. Quick-press the Volume Up button. Quick-press the Volume Down button.
  4. Long-press and hold the Side button until you see the Recovery Mode screen.
  5. If executed correctly Broque Ramdisk will inform that the device is in Recovery Mode.
  6. Copy the ECID of your iPhone and register it on the official website.
  7. Download a Ramdisk compatible with the installed iOS version and iDevice Type.
  8. Move the downloaded Ramdisk file to the folder in Broque Ramdisk Pro → lib → Boot.
  9. Open WinRa1n Jailbreak and select ChecmM8 to boot an untrusted image.
  10. Click on 'Next' and follow the instructions to enter DFU mode.
  11. Once, 'All Done...' will appear click on 'Quit' and go back to Broque Ramdisk.
  12. Click on 'Fix Drivers' if Broque Ramdisk is stuck on 'Connecting to iDevice'.
  13. Open Broque Ramdisk Options and select Passcode Bypass (Ramdisk).
  14. Return and click on 'Start'.
  15. In the next screen, from 'Select version' choose your iOS, and click 'Boot iDevice'.
  16. 'iDevice successfully booted into SSH mode' should prompt after a few minutes.
  17. Select the 'Save account' checkbox and click on 'Backup iDevice'.
  18. Activation files should be saved to Broque Ramdisk Pro → lib → Backup folder.
  19. Go back to Broque Ramdisk and click on 'Erase iDevice'.
  20. Once completed, click on 'Done'. The iPhone is now Activation Locked.
  21. On the 'Hello Screen' select from options once again 'Passcode Bypass (Ramdisk)'.
  22. Start the process again and enter your iPhone in the Recovery Mode, and next in DFU.
  23. Open the WinRa1n app and select ChecmM8 to boot an untrusted image.
  24. Click on 'Fix Drivers' if Broque Ramdisk is stuck on 'Connecting to iDevice'.
  25. From Options select Passcode Bypass (Ramdisk).
  26. In the next screen, from 'Select version' choose your iOS, and click 'Boot iDevice'.
  27. Click on 'Next', and this time select 'Activate iDevice'.
  28. Your iPhone is now successfully activated.
  29. Once your iPhone is booted; insert your SIM card.
  30. This iPhone should be successfully bypassed with signal support.

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