Tweaks Updated Dec 24, 2023

TwitchDvnloader tweak for Twitch


TwitchDvnloader, crafted by the talented developer Dayanch96, stands out as an exceptional jailbreak tweak designed to enhance your Twitch experience on iOS. This ingenious addition introduces a convenient option to download not only your favorite clips but also VODs and live streams directly from the Twitch app. The most recent release adds a tweak section to the Twitch main menu with configure options.

Add TwitchDvnloader Repository

TwitchDvnloader is distributed in the form of a DEB package and can be acquired through purchase from the Havoc Store. Add the official TwitchDvnloader Repo to your favorite package manager and install the tweak to bring options to download clips from Twitch.

What is TwitchDvnloader?

TwitchDvnloader, also known as Dvnloader for Twitch, is a groundbreaking jailbreak tweak designed for the Twitch app. This innovative tweak empowers users to effortlessly download a variety of content, be it a live broadcast, a captivating clip, or a comprehensive video. Dvnloader is compatible with both rootless and rootful jailbreaks, providing support for iOS 13 – iOS 17.

With TwitchDvnloader, users gain the flexibility to download videos of diverse qualities, including the option for audio-only downloads. Additionally, the tweak allows for real-time downloads of live broadcasts, with users having the ability to specify the desired duration for the download.

Experience the convenience of TwitchDvnloader as it enhances your Twitch app, offering seamless video downloads and personalized control over your content acquisition preferences. The tweak displays your current download progress in the Twitch application.

TwitchDvnloader tweak for Twitch.

TwitchDvnloader tweak offers a comprehensive range of features to enhance your experience on the Twitch app. Users can seamlessly download clips, whether they originate from user profiles or are created by tapping the clip button. The flexibility extends to full video downloads, allowing you to specify the desired duration for downloads. Live broadcasts can also be downloaded with either a predefined duration or until the conclusion of the broadcast.

Beyond downloading capabilities, TwitchDvnloader facilitates profile photo viewing and provides users with the ability to cancel ongoing downloads. Optionally, users can save the portion of the download that has already been completed after cancellation. The tweak supports background downloading, eliminating the need to stay within the Twitch app, as TwitchDvnloader tweak will notify you once the download is successfully completed.

Should you wish to explore TwitchDvnloader, you can acquire the tweak for a modest $2.99 through the Havoc Store using your preferred package manager app. It's important to be aware that this tweak is compatible with jailbroken iOS and iPadOS devices spanning versions 13 through 17, offering support across a broad range of operating systems.

What's new

  • Updated TwitchDvnloader to the latest version.
  • Added tweak section to the Twitch main menu where you can configure options.
  • Added option to automatically claim channel points.
  • Added Traditional Chinese localization support.
  • Minor improvements.

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