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Kuba brings over 20 years of experience in journalism, with a specialized focus on jailbreaking since 2012. He has interviewed professionals from Intel, Avast, Microsoft, and other major companies. After successfully jailbreaking his first iPhone, Kuba has been sharing his expertise on jailbreaking, using Cydia tweaks, and other mobile and desktop-related topics. He enjoys using software and new technologies are his passion. In addition to his journalism career, Kuba is skilled in video editing and drone flying. He studied IT at university before embarking on his writing journey.


IPA Library4 min read

If you use H3lix the iOS 10 jailbreak you definitely should give a try sockH3lix Jailbreak. It's absolutely better than doubleH3lix with a near 100% success rate, no hangs after...

Kuba PawlakMar 16, 2022
Tweaks3 min read

James Bond, the quintessential British secret agent operating under MI6, was renowned for his reliance on an array of sophisticated spy gadgets. In the realm of reality, the SneakyCam...

Kuba PawlakMar 11, 2022
Tweaks3 min read

The iPad, with its iOS operating system, offers a unique way to easily view and switch between all open apps. Thanks to the jailbreak community, this feature, known as the...

Kuba PawlakMar 10, 2022
Tweaks4 min read

The iPhone XS boasts a sleek new status bar, larger keyboard, and easy access to camera and flash buttons from the lock screen. MiniXS tweak brings these features and more...

Kuba PawlakMar 08, 2022
IPA Library5 min read

iOS 10 was exploited and using an app like Yalu102 you can jailbreak the device and install tweaks and system modifications through the Cydia app. Yalu jailbreak supports all...

Kuba PawlakMar 05, 2022
Tweaks3 min read

If you're using iOS 11 – iOS 14, there's no built-in way to hide the app bar that displays quick access to features from installed apps. NoMoreAppBar is a tweak that completely...

Kuba PawlakMar 03, 2022
IPA Library6 min read

To jailbreak iOS 10 and install Cydia tweaks and apps on your iPhone or iPad, use an app like H3lix. Download Helix RC6 and install...

Kuba PawlakMar 02, 2022
Jailbreak Apps7 min read

Running a terminal app to execute command line tools on your iPhone is simple with a jailbroken iDevice. One popular option is NewTerm 2, an open source terminal app for iOS available...

Kuba PawlakFeb 24, 2022