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Euro 2024 playlist for StrymTV

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If you love football, get ready for Euro 2024 in Germany. It’s a big event featuring top European players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Robert Lewandowski, and Kylian Mbappe. With StrymTV you can watch all the Euro 2024 group stage games on your mobile device like iPhone or iPad.

StrymTV Euro 2024 Playlist

StrymTV supports Euro 2024 playlists that can be easily imported to the IPTV player. To add a new Euro 2024 URL playlist, simply tap on the plus button and tap on import the playlist from a URL. Only one playlist can be active. There is also an option to create empty M3U playlists. (for Euro 2024)

EURO 2024 Groups

Group A


Group B


Group C


Group D


Group E


Group F


Group A games playlist

Friday 14 June

  • Germany v Scotland (21:00 CET)

Saturday 15 June

  • Hungary v Switzerland (15:00 CET)

Wednesday 19 June

  • Germany v Hungary (18:00 CET)
  • Scotland v Switzerland (21:00 CET)

Sunday 23 June

  • Switzerland v Germany (21:00 CET)
  • Scotland v Hungary (21:00 CET)

Group B games playlist

Saturday 15 June

  • Spain v Croatia (18:00 CET)
  • Italy v Albania (21:00 CET)

Wednesday 19 June

  • Croatia v Albania (15:00 CET)

Thursday 20 June

  • Spain v Italy (21:00 CET)

Monday 24 June

  • Albania v Spain (21:00 CET)
  • Croatia v Italy (21:00 CET)

Group C games playlist

Sunday 16 June

  • Slovenia v Denmark (18:00 CET)
  • Serbia v England (21:00 CET)

Thursday 20 June

  • Slovenia v Serbia (15:00 CET)
  • Denmark v England (18:00 CET)

Tuesday 25 June

  • Denmark v Serbia (21:00 CET)
  • England v Slovenia (21:00 CET)

Group D games playlist

Sunday 16 June

  • Poland v Netherlands (15:00 CET)

Monday 17 June

  • Austria v France (21:00 CET)

Friday 21 June

  • Poland v Austria (18:00 CET)
  • Netherlands v France (21:00 CET)

Tuesday 25 June

  • France v Poland (18:00 CET)
  • Netherlands v Austria (18:00 CET)

Group E games playlist

Monday 17 June

  • Romania v Ukraine (15:00 CET)
  • Belgium v Slovakia (18:00 CET)

Friday 21 June

  • Slovakia v Ukraine (15:00 CET)

Saturday 22 June

  • Belgium v Romania (21:00 CET)

Wednesday 26 June

  • Slovakia v Romania (18:00 CET)
  • Ukraine v Belgium (18:00 CET)

Group F games playlist

Tuesday 18 June

  • Türkiye v Georgia (18:00 CET)
  • Portugal v Czechia (21:00 CET)

Saturday 22 June

  • Georgia v Czechia (15:00 CET)
  • Türkiye v Portugal (18:00 CET)

Wednesday 26 June

  • Georgia v Portugal (21:00 CET)
  • Czechia v Türkiye (21:00 CET)
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