15 Cloud wallpapers for iPhone

View our collection of 15 amazing Cloud wallpapers for iPhones that will look good on the Home and Lock Screen.

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I recently fell in love with cloud-themed wallpapers. The vivid colors make my iPhone screen stand out. I put together a collection of 15 wallpapers in different styles, so there's something for everyone.

Most of the wallpapers look best on the Lock Screen. However, when you enable the blur effect on the Home Screen, the cloud wallpapers still look great. Instead of searching for wallpapers yourself, you can download this collection. All 15 Cloud wallpapers for your iPhone are available at least in 4k resolution.

No matter which wallpaper you choose, it will look great. For example, here's a cloud-in-the-forest wallpaper set on the Lock Screen. This is my favorite wallpaper in this set and I use it on my main iPhone.

Screenshot of a green cloud wallpaper on iPhone Lock Screen.

The wallpaper collection is very diverse. Here you will find wallpapers featuring skies and clouds in various styles, such as drawings, cartoon sketches, abstract paintings, and photorealistic images.

Some wallpapers show only clouds, while others depict landscapes, such as a Japanese town by a lake, a meadow, or trees in the mountains. However, all of them have the central theme of clouds and skies.

To view the wallpaper gallery, click "Show all wallpapers" at the top of the page. The browser will let you quickly browse all the wallpapers and download your favorites to your iPhone. It works the same on mobile devices. You can also use gestures like swiping left or right, pinch to zoom, and pinch to close.

Screenshot of a colourful sky wallpaper on iPhone Lock Screen.

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