Downloading the right iPhone wallpaper can make your device more enjoyable to use. We've picked some of the most beautiful wallpapers for iPhones, covering various categories. Find and download the right wallpaper for your iOS device.

Cloud wallpapers for iPhone image
Wallpaper2 min read

I recently fell in love with cloud-themed wallpapers. The vivid colors make my iPhone screen stand out. I put together a collection of 15 wallpapers in different styles, so there's something for everyone. Most of the wallpapers look best on the Lock Screen. However, when...

Jun 28, 2024
Depth Effect wallpapers for iOS image
Wallpaper3 min read

The iOS 16 Depth Effect adds a delightful touch to your wallpaper by displaying a small portion of the subject behind the Lock Screen clock, creating a visually appealing style. I created a list of free 29 Depth Effect wallpapers for iOS 16 and the Exiwall tweak. With iOS...

Jan 06, 2023