Updated May 09, 2024

LastLook Repository

To download the LastLook tweak, it's essential to add the official repository into your preferred package manager such as Sileo, Cydia, Zebra, or Installer. To initiate the download process, simply click on your package manager name to add the repository and fetch all packages. Alternatively, you can copy the URL to your APT and locate the package within the repository.

Version History

Packages are not hosted on our server; instead, they may be protected and forwarded to the tweak's repository description page. Download links may work for free packages.

Release notes

LastLook 4.2 Changelog

  • Random Mantra as the On Lock Message.
  • Powercuts support for rootless.
  • New Shortcuts actions.
  • Some improvements and minor changes.

LastLook 4.1 Changelog

  • Add a setting to enable Low Power Mode when AOD is active.
  • Add a setting for “Lower Refresh Rate” when AOD is active. The feature was already available, but now there’s a setting for it.
  • Stop Media Player animated text to prevent it from interfering with lowered refresh rate.
  • Add support for “White Date Text” option for those using a light background.
  • Add support for Stella tweak (note: requires Stella 1.0.5 for full functionality).
  • Add support for Eneko tweak.
  • Add support for hiding Reo tweak.
  • Improve handling when switching between different LockScreen setups.
  • Fix issue where switching from AOD to off (upon reaching the configured battery level) could cause a glitch.
  • Workaround a bug where displaying Spotlight over the LockScreen causes LastLook to become invisible for the next lock.
  • Add a setting for “Workaround white line artifacts” for those affected by this issue (likely if you’ve changed your screen resolution).

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