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Great Business Newsletter Examples

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Business newsletters are becoming more and more popular every day. They inform subscribers about the latest news, promotions, and events, helping to establish a direct connection between the business and customers. Subscribers receive up-to-date information about new products/services, discounts, and special offers, which leads to increased loyalty and interest. Those are great business newsletter examples.

Developing effective business newsletters is now a snap with dedicated programs and tools like an email builder. This tool makes it easy to create and customize emails without the need for programming or design skills. You can generate a newsletter from scratch, adding various elements such as photos, videos, texts, and links, or choose a ready-made, high-quality template from a variety of business newsletter examples.

Effective business newsletters can be a powerful tool for business development and growth. Thanks to them, companies maintain ongoing customer interaction, increase sales, and improve overall feedback. Read on to learn more about the benefits of business emails and find the best example of a newsletter article.

Pros of Using Business Newsletters

Here is a more complete list of the advantages you can get from using business newsletters:

  • provide relevant information;
  • create connections with clients and subscribers;
  • increase brand visibility and awareness;
  • improve conversion and sales rates;
  • strengthen authority and trust among the audience;
  • increase subscriber interaction and engagement;
  • provide exclusive offers and discounts;
  • receive feedback and reviews from clients;
  • distribute news and updates about a company or product;
  • increase customer loyalty and retention.

Therefore, business newsletters have a large number of benefits that promote customer communication, brand strengthening, and business growth.

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Key Elements of Successful Business Emails

The main elements of a business newsletter include:

  1. Quality content. Content is the basis of a business newsletter. You should provide your audience with relevant and useful information, such as industry-related news that touches on important topics, and avoid superficial or unverified content.
  2. Convenient design and format. Test your business newsletters for user-friendliness. Try to create clear headings and structure. It's also a good idea to include graphics, visual elements, and interactive components to grab readers' attention.
  3. Personalization. Statistics show people are more likely to open personalized emails than non-personalized ones. So, use data about your subscribers, such as their names or interests, to make newsletters more personal and relevant.
  4. Call to action. The final part of your email should contain a clear and compelling call to action. You can ask readers to visit your website, leave reviews, sign up for services or products, take part in surveys or promotions, etc. It is important to make this appeal attractive and memorable.
  5. Reviews and feedback. Expressing gratitude is also very important. Therefore, do not hesitate to provide opportunities for feedback, reviews, and suggestions.

Please note that the frequency of sending business emails also plays a significant role in the success of an email campaign. Try to find a balance between regularity and unobtrusiveness.

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Best Company Newsletter Examples

Looking for the best examples of newsletters for businesses? Check out the paragraphs below and get inspired right now.


Airbnb creates an informative and interesting newsletter for its customers every month. News includes valuable tips on renting out housing and the latest changes in the platform's terms and conditions. The design is presented in a clean and modern style, complemented by high-quality photos and bright colors.


Starbucks connects its customers through a newsletter called Starbucks News. The email highlights new drinks, promotions, events, stories about community development, and the company's sustainable efforts. It is usually designed in a uniform, attractive style with neat content placement.

The New York Times

One of the most popular newspapers in the world, The New York Times, provides its subscribers with a detailed and updated newsletter every morning. It includes personalized recommendations, focuses on important events worldwide, and has an aesthetically pleasing and intuitive design. So, it is rightfully considered one of the best company newsletter examples today.


The clothing company Patagonia shares stories of customers who have used its products in extreme conditions and offers tips on sustainable living and protecting the environment.


HubSpot (a marketing automation and CRM platform) provides a newsletter with useful guides and tips for marketers. The newsletter has a simple but effective design with multiple headings and short descriptions.


If you own a cosmetics or fragrance company, check out Sephora's Beauty Insider newsletter. It includes new products, discounts, exclusive offers, and beauty tips. Each newsletter contains several main topics.

Concluding Remarks

Therefore, the above examples of company newsletters provide valuable information about products/services. They are also visually appealing, so they attract the target audience well. Choose the idea you like best and build effective relationships with clients easily and successfully!

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