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Updated Apr 12, 2024

Download Vē

Finalize the setup effortlessly by initiating the file download. To finish the download process, simply click on one of the links provided below. You may find multiple options available. Once the download is finished, continue with the installation process. Remember to select the appropriate version for your operating system, whether it's for iOS, Windows, Linux, or macOS.

Release notes

Ve 2.0 Beta Changelog

  • Added support for iOS 15 and iOS 16.
  • Fixed a rare crash when a notification comes in.
  • Added log amount statistics back.
  • Added a hint to the detail page.
  • Changed the attachments' folder from Vē to Ve.
  • Reduced the default amount of days until logs are deleted.
  • Renamed the entry limit to log limit.
  • Made the tweak enabled by default.
  • Completely cleaned up the code.
  • Changed the package ID.

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