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Translomatic Jailbreak Tweak


Translomatic, a meticulously crafted jailbreak tweak by FoxFortMobile, empowers users to swiftly translate any selected text displayed on their screens. With a comprehensive range of over 100 supported languages, this tweak seamlessly integrates into all contemporary jailbreaks operating on iOS versions 13.0 through 16.7.1, including the rootless environment. Download the most recent release of Translomatic tweak.

Add Translomatic Repo

Translomatic tweak was released as a DEB package, which can be purchased at $2.99 from the Havoc Store. To install the Translomatic tweak and enable translation features on your iPhone, you can add Translomatic Repo to your preferred package manager and install it for iOS 16. In the official repository, you can also find Translomatic packages for iOS 13 – iOS 16.

What is Translomatic?

Translomatic is a jailbreak tweak, that introduces an array of translation features with support for over 100 languages seamlessly integrated into popular apps like Twitter, Discord, Reddit, Telegram, YouTube, and Messenger. This tweak goes beyond app-specific functionality by allowing users to translate selected text instantly and efficiently convert clipboard text through a personalized Activator action. Translomatic supports rootless and rootful environments.

Once installed, Translomatic tweak adds a dedicated contextual menu to apps allowing users to easily translate any text displayed in apps. Translomatic uses Google Translate API to perform the online translations while the offline translation uses the iOS 14 Apple translation engine.

Distinguished from Google Translate, Translomatic offers an advantage by eliminating the need to exit the app for text translation. Its seamless integration provides a native iOS feel, ensuring a user-friendly experience. Notably, Translomatic functions on iOS 13 and iOS 14, extending its compatibility beyond the limitations of Apple's Translate app, which supports iOS 15 – iOS 17.

Translomatic Jailbreak Tweak for iOS.

Translomatic, developed by FoxFortMobile, transforms your iOS experience with a seamless integration of powerful translation features. This progression unfolds in a curated sequence:

Begin by effortlessly translating any selected text through the context menu option. As you navigate social media, Translomatic enhances your Twitter engagement by effortlessly translating direct messages and fleets. Similarly, in Discord, messages can be translated directly from the options menu, adding convenience to your conversations.

Extend this functionality to Facebook Messenger, where the "Translomatic" button, accessible through a long press on a message, facilitates quick and efficient translations.

For everyday efficiency, Translomatic allows the swift translation of clipboard text, triggered by a personalized Activator action.

Widening its scope, Translomatic seamlessly integrates with popular platforms like WhatsApp, Reddit, KakaoTalk, iMessage, Apollo, Instagram, Flex, Line, Telegram, Nicegram, and Signal.

Translomatic's versatility becomes evident as it effortlessly translates Facebook posts and stories, making it an integral part of your social media experience.

As you navigate the web in Safari, Translomatic simplifies the translation of entire websites with a single tap. For users in the jailbreak community, Translomatic brings its capabilities to Cydia, Zebra, Sileo, and Installer, ensuring a consistent experience across platforms.

Translomatic tweak screenshot.

Multimodal interaction is a key feature, allowing users to engage with translated text through reading or speaking capabilities. Additionally, Translomatic seamlessly integrates with YouTube, providing translated captions for an enriched viewing experience.

Offline functionality becomes accessible on iOS 14 for select languages (English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic), offering convenience even without an internet connection. Image translation through OCR is also supported, contingent on an active internet connection.

Finally, Translomatic offers a tailored integration with Snapper 3​​​​​​, providing quick translations for screenshots. In essence, Translomatic not only simplifies the translation process but also enriches your iOS interactions across various applications, ensuring a seamless and personalized user experience.

What's new

  • Updated Translomatic tweak to the latest version.
  • Fixed crash in Threads v312.0.
  • Fixed tweak not working in the latest version of Reddit and Telegram.
  • Fixed partial text translation in Twitter.
  • Overall improvements and bug fixes.

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