Updated Apr 13, 2024

PurePKG Repository

To download the PurePKG tweak, it's essential to add the official repository into your preferred package manager such as Sileo, Cydia, Zebra, or Installer. To initiate the download process, simply click on your package manager name to add the repository and fetch all packages. Alternatively, you can copy the URL to your APT and locate the package within the repository.

Release notes

PurePKG 1.4 Changelog

  • Lots of bug fixes.
  • Performance enchantments.
  • Option to make all icons circle.
  • Checks to make sure the repo supports the current arch.
  • Allow sorting packages by install date.

PurePKG 1.3 Changelog

  • Optimized the app a bit more.
  • Changed some defaults.
  • Fixed the icons.
  • Redid the repo handling.

PurePKG 1.2 Changelog

  • More iOS 14 fixes.
  • Improved/fixed basic UI mode.
  • Added local deb support.
  • Redid the assets for a smaller file size.
  • Fixed signature checks again.
  • Added option to not refresh repos on start.

PurePKG 1.1 Changelog

  • Added support for adding multiple repos in one go.
  • Fixed dpkg status parsing (installed tab).
  • Fixed version comparing.
  • Fixed duplicate repos by adding more checks.
  • Fixed system version.
  • Fixed debs and repo.
  • Fixed iOS 14 support.
  • Fixed tweak downgrading.
  • Added basic UI mode.

PurePKG 1.0 Changelog

  • Added repo file verification (avoids apt corrupted file errors).
  • Fixed repo verification (avoids GPG errors/warnings).
  • Fixed refreshing repos.
  • Added iOS/tvOS 14 support.
  • Added Support for adding repos by URL (prefixed by purepkg://addrepo/).
  • Added Updates/Upgrades and the ability to choose what version of the package to install if there are multiple versions.
  • Overall bug fixes.

PurePKG 1.0 b7 Changelog

  • Added visionOS support.
  • Added repo signature verification.
  • Added watchOS support

PurePKG 1.0 b3 Changelog

  • Added dist repo support.
  • Added AppleTV support.

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