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PostBox Repository Viewer for iOS

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When you are waiting a long time for a jailbreak release, it may happen that you decide to upgrade to the latest iOS version. This will cut you off from popular package managers but, you can still use the PostBox app to view repositories on unjailbroken devices. In 2024, PostBox is an alternative to CyDownloader. Not only does it offer the ability to browse repos, but it also facilitates direct downloading of DEB packages on iOS devices.


PostBox was released as an IPA package that can be installed on your iPhone using your favorite installer. The developers also released a dedicated DEB package for jailbroken environments. Unfortunately, the App Store version was approved, but was next shut down by Apple.

What is PostBox?

PostBox is a package manager, that allows you to access your favorite packages and repositories while unjailbroken. What's more, you have the option to download .deb packages extract themes, and install them using only your phone. PostBox supports iOS 13, iOS 14, iOS 15.

Use this jailed package manager to discover new packages for your devices, manage popular jailbreak repositories, buy themes, download DEB files, create a wishlist, or extract your favorite themes. All features work without jailbreak. Of course, you can't install or run tweaks.

Once installed, you can not only use PostBox to view the list of popular Cydia Repos, but you have also the option to download DEB packages on your iPhone without a jailbreak. This package manager also offers an option to automatically extract DEB files with themes.

Two iPhone screens hosing PostBox package manager running on iOS 15 without jailbreak.

When you will open the app, it will display the latest releases of tweaks and themes from popular repositories such as Chariz, Twickd, and Havoc. Obviously, there is an option to add other repositories as well. PostBox can manage over 200 repositories, fetching all updates quickly.

On top of that, you can log in to the stores to download files and gain access to your purchased packages. On iOS 15 and above, PostBox will extract package contents and redirect you to the Files app. There is also an option to search for packages and navigate thought categories list available in repositories. If you are running a jailbroken device, PostBox can redirect the download to Cydia, Zebra, or Installer 5 to install a package.

Like in package managers for jailbroken devices, you can also read tweaks descriptions and reviews, view screenshots, analyze changelogs, etc. When a package seems interesting, add it to the Wishlist for quick access or download the DEB file on your device without jailbreak.

PostBox was created to provide users without a jailbreak, a better experience when browsing for packages and repos. Most importantly, the app brings jailbreak themes to unjailbroken devices. Themes can be imported with BlizzardBoard or Mugunghwa on iOS 14 & iOS 15.

Two iPhone screens of PostBox showing Repository list and a DEB package for download.

What's more, PostBox offers StoryBoard that allows you to create new stories for the ever-growing PostBox feed. Use this feature to spread your ideas to everybody. Enjoy a lively feed of various sources to always stay connected with the jailbreak scene.

Storyboard is different from sharing content on Twitter or Reddit. It introduces a new sharing platform for jailbreak content. With accessibility and modularity in mind, PostBox developer has rebuilt Storyboard to be accessible within the app.

Note: PostBox Beta is no more in active development. The package manager works stable, and you can use it on your daily device. Works also with jailbreak environment.

Since PostBox Beta 9 styling is made easy with improved Markdown support, alongside custom features that helps you personalize the content. PostBox provides a seamless experience between viewing and sharing for Storyboard. Use this platform to be a part of the community.

What's new

  • PostBox package and repo browser were released in the App Store.
  • Fixed crashing on iOS 15 and below when browsing repo.
  • Added new app icons for PostBox.
  • Improved Settings interface.
  • Improvements to many interface elements.
  • New Splash Screen (only shows up when installing for the first time or reinstalling).
  • Brand-new section header design.
  • Improved SF symbols.
  • App-wide custom accent color.
  • App-wide blur effects.
  • New placeholder images.
  • Removed Splash Banners for Today, Packages, and Repos tab.
  • Improved easing and damping value for all animations.
  • Improved quit logic on 'Quit Postbox'.
  • Implemented Merge External Sources function.
  • Firestore-based backend/caching.
  • Package reviews.
  • Allowing downloading purchased tweaks.
  • Other stability improvements.

The developer also included some configuration options for the App. Enable refresh repos on launch, hide app actions pop-ups, always download DEB packages, manage store repositories, change search mode, open links in reader view, clear cache or reset all settings with one tap.

Recently, the developer released a PostBox version that was approved by Apple to be deployed on the App Store. In order to comply with Apple, news feeds and “jailbreak references” had to be removed, however, the core functionality of the repository browser is unchanged. Unfortunately, Apple decided to remove the app from the store.

How to install PostBox IPA using Sideloadly

PostBox jailed package manager was released as an IPA package that can be sideloaded on your device using regular IPA installers such as Sideloadly. There is also an option to install the app permanently with TrollStore on compatible iOS 14 and iOS 15 devices.

Sideloadly screenshot showing PostBox IP loaded into the app.

Step 1. Download PostBox IPA (link on top of this page).

Step 2. Open Sideloadly application.

Step 3. Connect your iPhone / iPad to the computer via USB.

Step 4. Click on the IPA icon to select the app to install.

Step 5. Enter your Apple ID to sign IPA file.

Step 6. Click the Start button to install the IPA file on your device.

Step 7. Provide the password for your Apple ID.

Step 8. Open the Settings app and navigate to General VPN & Device Management.

Step 9. Click on the developer app with your e-mail.

Step 10. Tap on Trust to allow the application to run.

How to install PostBox IPA with TrollStore

TrollStore is an iOS app that allows you to sign and install IPA files without revokes on iOS 14 and iOS 16. It uses the CoreTrust bypass by Linus Henze, and it supports all iDevices running on 14.0 up to 14.8.1 and iOS 15 up to iOS 16. PostBox can also be installed with TrollStore.

  1. Install TrollStore on iOS 14 up to iOS 17.0 (and some iOS betas).
  2. Download PostBox IPA in mobile Safari and save it on iCloud.
  3. Share the downloaded IPA file with the TrollStore app.
  4. TrollStore will install PostBox automatically.
  5. Access the PostBox app from the Home Screen.

Two iPhone showing the PostBox IPA using TrollStore app on an unjailbroken device.

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