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How to download torrents on iPhone

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There are a few torrent apps for iOS that you can use to download torrents on your iPhone. One of my personal favorites is iTorrent for iOS 13 – iOS 17. This torrent client offers all the features for torrenting on iOS and downloading movies, games, and books, directly on your iPhone. Follow this guide to learn How to download torrents on your iPhone. This mobile app works without jailbreak and can be installed on all iDevices.


  • To download torrents on your iPhone you can use iTorrent. This iOS torrent app allows you to import .torrent files and start downloading the content on the device.
  • Your device's IP address is publicly visible when you download torrents on iOS. VPN app can hide your online activity when downloading torrents.
  • An iPhone torrent downloader allows you to access torrents directly on the device. There are no torrenting apps available in the App Store.
  • This article will show you how to use the iTorrent app to download torrents on iPad or iPhone from your favorite websites.


  • Installed a torrent iOS app like iTorrent or iTransmission.
  • An iPhone or iPad running iOS 13 – iOS 17 or iPadOS 15 – iPadOS 17.
  • A web browser to browse torrent websites and download torrent files.
  • Internet connection to download torrents.

Install a torrent iOS app on iPhone

iTorrent is one of the best torrent apps for iPhones that works similarly to uTorrent to download torrent files from your favorite websites like The Pirate Bay, 1337x, or TorrentGalaxy. iOS doesn't support the BitTorrent protocol, however, once iTorrent is installed, you can enable torrenting of music, TV shows, movies, books, apps, and save them directly on your iDevice.

To install the Torrent app for iOS, follow the steps:

  1. Download the iTorrent IPA for sideloading.
  2. Connect your iPhone to the computer via USB and run the Sideloadly app.
  3. Load the IPA file into the app to begin the installation process.
  4. Enter your Apple ID to sign the iTorrent IPA file and click the “Start” button.
  5. Open the Settings app and navigate to “General” “VPN & Device Management”.
  6. Click on the developer app associated with your email.
  7. Tap “Trust” to allow the torrenting app to run.

How to download torrents on iPhone

Downloading torrents on iOS is easier and more accessible than it might seem. When you have the right torrent iOS App for iPhone or iPad the process is straightforward. Please be aware that torrent files may contain copyrighted materials and downloading such files may be illegal. Having this in mind you can download legal content distributed through the BitTorrent network.

To download torrents on iOS, follow the seven simple steps:

  1. Open Safari browser on your iOS device.
  2. Navigate to your best torrent website (e.g. The Pirate Bay, IsoHunt, 1337x).
  3. Find a torrent you like to download or copy the magnet link.
  4. Open the iTorrent app from your Home Screen.
  5. Tap on the + button available in the lower left corner of the app.
  6. Insert a URL or paste the magnet link to download a torrent file to your iPhone.
  7. Wait until the download finishes to access the content.

Magnet download: Is a link starting with magnet:?xt=urn:btih: schema that can be automatically sent to your torrent client on iOS. It contains all the data from the torrent file, but it doesn't provide a direct URL to a .torrent file on a server.

Torrent website: It offers access to .torrent files containing all kinds of content including games, videos, ebooks, music, ISO images of software, and more.

.torrent file: It's a small file usually available for download on torrent websites. This file doesn't contain the content; rather, it informs the torrent iOS app where the files are located and from whom can you download them (seeds).

Securing torrenting on iOS

When you download torrents on iOS your device's IP address is put there for everyone to see. It's a good idea to stay private when accessing the BitTorrent network by enabling a VPN or a proxy. This will hide your real IP and make your torrent downloads more anonymous.

Surfshark is a great VPN solution for iOS that allows you to hide your real IP behind a VPN server. It can also be used to hide the connection of your torrent application for iPhone. iTorrent also offers a built-in option to set up a proxy server that will handle all the traffic.

Using a VPN for torrenting protects your traffic from outside parties by encrypting it and rerouting it through a VPN server, making it hard to track down. Having this feature is essential for securely torrenting BitTorrent files on every Apple iDevice.

There are free and paid proxy servers available to make your torrenting on iPhone secure. However, setting a proxy or using a VPN is not required to download to download torrent for iOS.

Other apps to download torrents on iPad

iTorrent is not the only iPad app for downloading torrents. Alternatively, you can try iTransmission for iOS and iPadOS, or gopeed a modern download manager that supports the BitTorrent network. Because uTorrent iOS or uTorrent mobile was never released, those are the best options you can get to start downloading torrent files on Apple iDevices.

No matter what application to download torrents on iPad or iPhone you will choose, ale provides a similar experience. Non of them have been released throught the App Store. The only option to install the apps is to sideload the IPA package on your device with your favorite IPA installer such as Sideloadly, AltStore, Esign, Bullfrog Assisnat, Gbox, SideStore, etc.

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