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How to compile AltList

How to compile AltList

AltList, created by Lars Fröder, is an alternative to AppList, offering developers a swift means to access the roster of installed apps and seamlessly integrate a preferences pane based on this data. Diverging from AppList, AltList boasts exceptional levels of customization, empowering users to tailor aspects according to their preferences effortlessly. Should the need arise for adaptation, developers can simply craft a subclass and delineate specific modifications, fostering unparalleled flexibility and convenience.

This framework spans compatibility across iOS versions, ranging from iOS 7 to iOS 17, ensuring seamless integration with both rootful and rootless jailbreaks. It has garnered popularity among developers seeking to augment tweaks and applications within a jailbroken environment, particularly those requiring access to the device's installed applications.

AltList offers robust customization capabilities, enabling users to precisely specify the sections of apps they wish to display. Furthermore, it comes equipped with several pre-defined section types, tailored to suit diverse requirements. These include options such as showcasing all applications, encompassing hidden ones, system applications, user-installed applications, hidden applications, and a category for visible apps, combining system and user-installed ones.

Screenshot of AltList build process in terminal app.

Among the latest tweaks to emerge leveraging the AltList framework is Pinnacle. This modern jailbreak tweak for iOS 16 – iOS 16.7.7 capitalizes on the functionalities offered by AltList, showcasing its adaptability and utility within the jailbreak community.

Notably, AltList was initially introduced under the MIT license, providing developers with open access to its resources. Its comprehensive documentation is readily accessible via the GitHub Repository, empowering users with the necessary insights to maximize its potential.

How to build AltList for theos

To successfully compile AltList, you need to utilize the iOS 16.2 SDK provided by Xcode 14.2. Attempting to compile AltList with a later version of Xcode will result in a failure.

To compile a AltList for theos, follow the steps:

Step 1. Install theos on your PC, Mac, or iOS device following our guide.

Step 2. Install iPhoneOS16.2.sdk by downloading Xcode 14.2 directly from Apple servers. You will need to authenticate with your Apple ID to download.

Step 3. Open the terminal app and extract Xcode_14.2.xip with the following command. After extraction, rename the app to not conflict with your primary installation of Xcode.

xip -x Xcode_14.2.xip

Step 4. Move to the Applications folder.

Step 5. Change your selected Xcode command line tools version. The following command will temporarily change your command line tools version for just this terminal session.

export DEVELOPER_DIR=/Applications/

or permanent

sudo xcode-select -switch /Applications/

If you need to use the latest Xcode toolchain from the command line, use --reset:

sudo xcode-select --reset

Step 6. Clone the AltList repository from GitHub to your computer.

git clone

Step 7. Open the AltList folder.

cd AltList

Step 8. Compile AltList following the 'make' command and install it to theos.

chmod +x ./ && chmod +x ./

or manually...

make clean

Step 9. Copy the generated AltList.framework into theos lib folder.

cp -Rv "./.theos/obj/AltList.framework" "$THEOS/lib"

Step 10. Compile the AltList for rootless tweaks.

make clean 

Step 11. Copy the generated AltList.framework rootless into theos folder.

mkdir -p "$THEOS/lib/iphone/rootless/lib"
cp -Rv "./.theos/obj/AltList.framework" "$THEOS/lib/iphone/rootless"

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