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HALO tweak for iOS 15

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HALO, developed by uz.ra, stands as an innovative jailbreak tweak that transforms the Lock Screen music player widget, infusing it with a theme inspired by iOS 16. This amazing tweak adds a fresh and modern aesthetic to enhance the user experience. Offered as a premium tweak, HALO is available for purchase at a modest price of approximately $2.00 USD. Elevate your iOS customization with HALO and enjoy a revamped and stylish music player interface on your Lock Screen.


HALO tweak was released as a DEB package, which can be purchased from the Havoc Store at $2.99. To quickly access the iDevice Supreme LS music player tweak, you can add the official HALO Repo to your preferred package manager and install the tweak for iOS 15. Notably versatile, HALO caters to rootless environments running Dopamine and XinaA15 jailbreaks.

What is HALO?

HALO is a jailbreak tweak designed to infuse the aesthetic charm of iOS 16 into the Lock Screen of older devices operating on iOS 15. This tweak seamlessly replaces the default appearance of the music widget, presenting a visually striking transformation.

With a prominent album cover and minimalist controls that occupy the entire screen, HALO introduces a modern and spacious design. This tweak is compatible with rootless jailbreaks.

Once installed, HALO seamlessly integrates a new preference within the Settings app. Here, you have the flexibility to tailor all options to your preferences. These include choices like disabling blur on the background of the control view, displaying a progress bar, showcasing a knob on the time bar, and eliminating the less-than-ideal "iPhone" text when played through the device speaker. Customize your HALO experience effortlessly through the intuitive settings menu.

HALO tweak introduces a rejuvenated aesthetic to your iOS device, providing a fresh and contemporary appearance that breathes new life into it, even when operating on iOS 15. Credit goes to uz.ra for an excellent job in crafting this tweak, making it incredibly user-friendly.

HALLO tweak enabled on the Lock Screen.

The developer has pledged to incorporate additional customization features in forthcoming releases. Presently, users can toggle settings such as the knob and progress bar to display the current music progress. Stay tuned for updates that will further expand the range of customization options and enhance your experience with the tweak.

What's new

  • Added rootful support.
  • Fixed minor issues and typos.
  • Added “Enable background” option.
  • Added option to adjust brightness threshold of adaptive UI.
  • Changed icon to the new one.
  • Fixed issue that prefs aren’t loading properly on some devices.
  • Show app icon when artwork is nil.
  • Added 'Show progress bar' option.
  • Added 'Show Knob' option.

Alternatively, consider experimenting with the Gradi tweak, which seamlessly introduces a player inspired by YouTube Music/Google Music to the iOS platform.

On the other hand, ReachPlayer, offers a complimentary option, enabling you to activate a sleek and minimalistic music widget player within the Reachability feature of your iOS device, all without incurring any costs. Explore these alternatives to tailor your music player experience to your liking.

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