Hacked games for iOS with enabled cheats and hacks

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Hacked games for iOS

PC users always had one of the most accessible options to cheat in games. If you are looking forward to enabling cheats in games on iOS there is an option to download and install special game hacks. With them, you can access unlimited life, coins, ammo, etc.

Hacked games for iOS are mostly released as IPA packages with injected hacks allowing you to activate some additional features in the game. Sometimes those features can be purchased inside the game through app purchases but sometimes those are hacks not available publicly.

There are a couple of ways to download game hacks for iOS. You can download a hack and install it by yourself, through a third-party App Store, or use the more convenient way by sideloading an IPA file with an already hacked game on your iDevice.

Be aware that cheating in games is not something that other players will appreciate, especially when a game offers an online mode. Game developers can also track your activity and when it's suspicious they can ban your account for enabling game hacks.

iOSGods App Store

iOSGods App is a popular third-party App Store for iOS allowing you to install hacked games. This store offers alternative download links for official apps and, most importantly, access to tweaked versions of apps and hacked versions of iOS games. It supports iOS 12 up to iOS 15.

The App Store was created to provide non-jailbreak users an option to download and install free, hacked, tweaked, or cracked apps and games. iOSGods App offers a couple of options to install apps including the possibility to download apps straight on your iDevice.

iOSGods App for iOS offers access to game hacks and modifications. It means that when you will install a tweaked version of a game on your iPhone through the iOSGods App Store it will allow you to activate cheats and special features. These can include additional money and lives, unlock weapons, or infinite ammo, free upgrades, unlock items, and a lot more.

Two iPhone screens showing the iOSGods App with list of hacked games for iOS.

If you are searching for the best source for the hacked game database for iOS iOSGods is the place from where you can stop future research. iOSGods App is frequently updated providing access to the latest game hacks. What's more, iOSGods is probably the biggest game hack (tweaked app) library out there for all iOS devices.

You can download hacked games including Last Day on Earth Hack, Minecraft Hack, Grand Theft Auto Hack, Subway Surfers Hack, Among Us! Hack, Archero Hack, Plants vs Zombies 2 Hack, Asphalt 9 Hack, The Sims Mobile Hack, NBA 2k20 Hack, The Simpsons Hacks, and more.

For easier navigation, all hacked games are categorized into Games, Action, Strategy, Role-playing, Adventure, Simulation, Arcade, RacingSports, Puzzle, Cards, and Casino. There is also a built-in search engine that can find any iOS game hack you desire.

Panda Helper Lite

Panda Helper Lite is an App Store alternative offering access to hacks for games and tweaks not available in the stock store. It offers access to the most popular game hacks for iOS and some tools allowing you to cheat in games or automate some gestures.

Access not only game hacks for the most popular iOS games but also some less played such as Fish Eater.io Hack, Titans 2 Hack, Subway Surfers Hack, Zooba: Zoo Battle Royale Game Hack, Planet Miner Hack, Dungeon Tales Hack, Bid Wars: Pawn Empire Hack, Pokemon GO++, etc.

Panda Helper is more than just a revoked store with hacked games. Time changes and the store allows you to download IPA files that can be installed with Desktop tools like AltStore or Sideloadly. When you don't own a computer there is also a revoke-free jailbreak version.

Two iPhone screens showing the list of game hacks for iOS available in Panda Helper Lite app.

What's more, Panda Helper Free comes with quick descriptions informing you what kind of hack can be enabled in the installed game ex. infinite ammo, gold increase, map hack to see enemies and weapons, etc. The store also offers access to cracked games and paid apps for free.

When you will update Panda Helper Free to paid VIP edition additional features are available with potentially working certificates for non-jailbreak users. PandaHelper Lite team provides apps like App Signer, Auto Touch, Cloner, Cloud Save, Auto Clicker, Cheat Engine, and Save Data.

App Signer can install IPA files directly on your iPhone, Cloner allows you to run multiple instances of an app on one device, and Cheat Engine can modify games money, HP, SP values, and Save Data to save the game locally and restore all data when needed (ex. after revoke).

TutuApp for PC

TutuApp for iOS is a very popular third-party service allowing you to install game hacks not available in the official App Store. It uses public certificates to install apps directly on your device without the need to own a computer, but the certificates get often revoked by Apple.

Because most of the time all 3rd-party App Stores are facing issues with getting new certificates developers behind TutuApp created a new solution to install tweaked and hacked games on your iDevice. It's based on AltStore and it requires a computer to proceed.

TutuApp for Mac allows you to download IPA files for popular apps and game hacks and sign them with a free and private certificate connected with your Apple ID. This way you can install up to three apps without revokes. They will work on your device for 7-days.

Screenshot of TutuApp for PC display list of available IPAs with game hacks for iOS.

This application provided access to popular game hacks such as Bloons TD 6 Hack, Asphalt 9 Hack, Archero Hack, PokemonGO Hack, The Simpsons Hack, Subway Surfers Hack, SimCity Hack, Plants vs Zombies 2 Hack, Need for Speed Hack, Injustice 2 Hack, and GTA SA Hack.

For more game hacks you can buy the TutuApp for iOS VIP membership. It will extend access to almost all game hacks available including UNKILLED - Zombie Online FPS Hack, Hill Climb Racing 2 Hack, Club Soccer Director 2022 Hack, Titan Quest Hack, Geometry Dash Hack, Nexomon Hack, Modern Strike Online: PvP FPS Hack, Dead Ahead Hack, and many others.

Satella 2 tweak

Satella 2 is the latest version of a modern in-app purchase cracker with support for iOS 12.2 up to iOS 14.8.1. With this tweak, you can easily hack into any game offering in-app purchases allowing you to enable additional features for free. It works on devices with and without jailbreak.

Satella tweak gets the current purchased product and forces the verification to return true. The transaction details match and mark the purchase as a restored purchase instead of a new one. For subscriptions, Satella tries to force as subscribed and claims the product is free.

Two iPhone screens showing the main interface of Satella tweak.

The new cracking tool can obtain in-app purchases for free by attempting to buy a product and then clicking cancel on the popup. Satella is a great alternative for LocalIAPStore tweak. What's more, you can inject the tweak into any IPA file. Works also on no jailbreak devices.

If a game is vulnerable to local purchases Satella can enable additional game features such as gold, coins, gems, life, extra moves, frozen time, faster experience, season pass, COD points, etc. What kind of option it can enable depends on in-game app purchase options.

Spoofer hack for Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is one of the most popular mobile games with millions of players worldwide. Two hacks are allowing you to spoof your location and move with justice over your city to find new Pokemon for your Pokédex. Hacks were released as an IPA file for self-sideloading.

iPogo Pokemon GO for iOS is the most advanced Spoofig app for iOS that offers an almost unimaginable number of features. Teleport or find hidden Pokemons in the PokemonGO. This tweak works on non-jailbroken and jailbroken devices running iOS 13, iOS 14, and iOS 15.

SpooferX is a hack for Pokemon GO for iOS. Use the hack to teleport to any location in the world, simulate walking, or find and catch the rarest Pokemons in the PokemonGO world. It works with all devices running iOS 13, up to iOS 15. Jailbroken devices are also supported.

Two iPhone screenshots showing the SpooferX Pokemon GO hack for iOS.

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