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FutureRestore SEP and Baseband Compatibility List for downgrade

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When considering downgrading iOS using FutureRestore, relying solely on SHSH2 blobs for your iPhone is insufficient. Equally crucial is the SEP and Baseband Compatibility, as it determines the success of the iOS downgrade process. It's essential to note that not all iOS releases align with the currently running firmware. Consulting the SEP and Baseband Compatibility List for FutureRestore downgrades can significantly enhance your chances of success. Please beware that downgrades from iOS 17 are not possible.

FutureRestore is a hacked version of idevicerestore, offering the capability to manually designate SEP and Baseband for the restoration process. This functionality enables the restoration of unsigned firmware onto devices, contingent upon the availability of a backup of the APTicket (SHSH Blobs). Additionally, it can replicate all the unique conditions of the APTicket, such as ECID, APNonce, and Board ID.

Let's illustrate this with an example. If you're currently running the latest iOS 16.7.5 on your iPhone 8, you have the option to utilize FutureRestore to downgrade to an unsigned iOS 16 version, ranging between 16.6.1 and 16.7.4. However, attempting to downgrade to versions below iOS 16.6.1, including iOS 16.5.1 and earlier, will be unsuccessful due to SEP and Baseband Compatibility issues. Downgrading to iOS 15 and iOS 14 is also not viable even with saved blobs.

In this scenario, upgrading from iOS 14.2.1 to unsigned versions like 14.3 through 15.7.2, or iOS 16 on an iPhone 8, is likewise not feasible due to SEP and Baseband Compatibility constraints. SEP and Baseband compatibility is essential, ensuring they are compatible not only with the latest or signed iOS version but also with the version you aim to downgrade to.

SEP and Baseband Compatibility Chart

iOS Signing Status is a tool that enables you to easily check the current signing status of IPSW firmware for a wide range of iOS devices, such as iPhones and iPads. Moreover, it offers the added advantage of allowing you to effortlessly download IPSW images (signed and not) for your iDevices. Experience the dynamic efficiency of iOS Signing Status, which automatically updates in real-time.

Legacy iDevices (up to iOS 12)

SEP and Baseband components exhibit compatibility spanning from iOS 11.3 to iOS 12.5.7, facilitating successful downgrades from the latest iOS 12 version to as far back as iOS 11.3. This capability extends to devices including the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, and some iPads. However, it's important to note that iOS versions 11.0 to 11.2.6 are not supported and are consequently incompatible with FutureRestore resulting in a downgrade fail, forcing you to upgrade.

DeviceSoCiOS 11.0 – 11.2.6iOS 11.3 – 12.5.6iOS 12.5.7
iPhone 5sA7IncompatibleCompatibleLatest
iPhone 6A8IncompatibleCompatibleLatest
iPad Mini 2A7IncompatibleCompatibleLatest
iPad Mini 2A7IncompatibleCompatibleLatest
iPad Mini 3A7IncompatibleCompatibleLatest
iPad Air 1A7IncompatibleCompatibleLatest
iPod Touch 6A8IncompatibleCompatibleLatest

Moreover, the iPhone 5s, iPad Mini 2, and iPad Air 1 equipped with the A7 Chip can also install the signed (OTA) version of iOS 10.3. This iteration of SEP and Baseband exhibits FutureRestore downgrade compatibility with iOS 10.1 through iOS 10.3.2 on those iDevices.

DeviceSoC7.0 – 10.010.1 – –
iPhone 5sA7IncompatibleCompatible (must use 10.3.3 SEP)Compatible (must use 10.3.3 SEP)Signed (OTA)
iPhone 6A8IncompatibleIncompatibleIncompatibleIncompatible
iPad Mini 2A7IncompatibleCompatible (must use 10.3.3 SEP)Compatible (must use 10.3.3 SEP)Signed (OTA)
iPad Mini 2A7IncompatibleIncompatibleIncompatibleIncompatible
iPad Mini 3A7IncompatibleIncompatibleIncompatibleIncompatible
iPad Air 1A7IncompatibleCompatible (must use 10.3.3 SEP)Compatible (must use 10.3.3 SEP)Signed (OTA)
iPod Touch 6A8IncompatibleIncompatibleIncompatibleIncompatible

Legacy iDevices (up to iOS 15)

Legacy iPhones and iPads operating on iOS 15 are susceptible to the checkm8 exploit. By utilizing saved blobs, you can employ FutureRestore Dev to downgrade from iOS 15.8.1 to versions spanning from iOS 14 to iOS 15.7. Notably, the iPhone 6s and iPhone SE with A9 Chip have the capacity to go even further down the version ladder, courtesy of the Limefix utility.

DeviceSoCiOS 13.7 and belowiOS 14.0 – iOS 15.7iOS 15.8.1
iPhone 6sA9Compatible (Limefix)CompatibleLatest
iPhone SEA9Compatible (Limefix)CompatibleLatest
iPhone 7A10IncompatibleCompatibleLatest
iPad Mini 4A8IncompatibleCompatibleLatest
iPad Air 2A8XIncompatibleCompatibleLatest
iPod Touch 7A10IncompatibleCompatibleLatest

Legacy iDevices (up to iOS 16)

The cryptex for iOS 16.7.5 remains compatible with iOS 16.6.1, enabling the downgrade of iPhone 8, iPhone X, and certain mentioned iPads to versions ranging from iOS 16.6.1 to iOS 16.7.4 through futurerestore dev branch, provided that you have saved blobs. It's worth noting that iOS 16.6.1 is compatible with the most recent release of Dopamine 2 Jailbreak.

Note: After performing this action, the "About" section will display version 16.7.5. However, upon tapping the iOS version, it should indicate that the device is running on 16.6.1, accompanied by a note mentioning the presence of the 16.7.5 Rapid Security Response.

DeviceSoCiOS 16.6.1 – iOS 16.7.4iOS 16.7.5
iPhone 8A11CompatibleLatest
iPhone XA11CompatibleLatest
iPad 5 (5th gen)A9CompatibleLatest
iPad Pro 12.9" (1st gen)A9CompatibleLatest
iPad Pro 9.7" (1st gen)A9XCompatibleLatest

Warning: You can't use the nightly branch of futurerestore to downgrade iOS 16.7.5 to iOS 16.6.1, you have to compile the dev branch of futurerestore.

For iPhone X running iOS 16.7.5, you can use FutureRestore to restore to iOS 16.6.1 – iOS 16.7.4 versions and then signed ones. All SHSH blobs 16.5.x and lower are useless.

DeviceSoCiOS 14.2.1 and below14.3 – – 16.5.1
iPhone 8A11IncompatibleIncompatibleIncompatible
iPhone XA11IncompatibleIncompatibleIncompatible
iPad Pro 12.9" (1st gen)A9Compatible (Limefix)IncompatibleIncompatible
iPad Pro 9.7" (1st gen)A9XIncompatibleIncompatibleIncompatible

Current iDevices (up to iOS 17)

All iPhones and iPads equipped with SoC A12 through A17 and operating on iOS 17 or later versions are incompatible with iOS 16 and iOS 15. FutureRestore iOS 17 downgrade to iOS 16 or lower is not possible. On A12 and later, restoring to iOS versions other than those currently signed by Apple is not supported. Additionally, SHSH blobs are useless for downgrades.

DeviceSoC15.7.2 and lower16.0–17.317.3.1
iPhone XRA12IncompatibleIncompatibleLatest
iPhone XSA12IncompatibleIncompatibleLatest
iPhone SEA13IncompatibleIncompatibleLatest
iPhone 11A13IncompatibleIncompatibleLatest
iPhone 12A14IncompatibleIncompatibleLatest
iPhone 13A15IncompatibleIncompatibleLatest
iPhone SEA15IncompatibleIncompatibleLatest
iPhone 14A15IncompatibleIncompatibleLatest
iPhone 14 ProA16IncompatibleIncompatibleLatest
iPhone 15A16IncompatibleIncompatibleLatest
iPhone 15 ProA17IncompatibleIncompatibleLatest
iPad 6A10IncompatibleIncompatibleLatest
iPad 7A10IncompatibleIncompatibleLatest
iPad 8A12IncompatibleIncompatibleLatest
iPad 9A13IncompatibleIncompatibleLatest
iPad 10A14IncompatibleIncompatibleLatest
iPad Mini 5A12IncompatibleIncompatibleLatest
iPad Mini 6A15IncompatibleIncompatibleLatest
iPad Air 3A12IncompatibleIncompatibleLatest
iPad Air 4A14IncompatibleIncompatibleLatest
iPad Air 5M1IncompatibleIncompatibleLatest
iPad Pro 10.5" (1st gen)A10XIncompatibleIncompatibleLatest
iPad Pro 12.9" (2n gen)A10XIncompatibleIncompatibleLatest
iPad Pro 11" (1st gen)A12XIncompatibleIncompatibleLatest
iPad Pro 12.9" (3rd gen)A12XIncompatibleIncompatibleLatest
iPad Pro 11" (2nd gen)A12ZIncompatibleIncompatibleLatest
iPad Pro 12.9" (4th gen)A12ZIncompatibleIncompatibleLatest
iPad Pro 11" (3td gen)M1IncompatibleIncompatibleLatest
iPad Pro 12.9" (5th gen)M1IncompatibleIncompatibleLatest
iPad Pro 11" (4th gen)M2IncompatibleIncompatibleLatest
iPad Pro 12.9" (6th gen)M2IncompatibleIncompatibleLatest

What is Cryptex?

In iOS 16, Apple introduced a new firmware component known as Cryptex, which serves as a "virtual" co-processor. Its purpose is to enable Apple to deliver Rapid Security Responses (RSRs) independently from traditional iOS updates, allowing for faster installation. Similar to other firmwares, Cryptex has a signing ticket tied to a cryptographic nonce (number-used-once), commonly referred to as SHSH blobs. This means the firmware cannot be installed without a valid signing ticket and a matching nonce.

Apple's introduction of Cryptex creates compatibility challenges with older versions. Consequently, downgrading is typically impossible on non-checkm8 devices, except within patch versions (e.g., 16.3 to 16.3.1). Essentially, for A12 and later devices, downgrading is unfeasible, rendering it a dead end.

How to check SEP and Baseband compatibility?

Before attempting a downgrade, it's crucial to research whether the SEP and Baseband of the currently signed versions align with the version you intend to downgrade to. Failure to ensure compatibility could result in a failed downgrade, potentially rendering your device unusable (bricking), and necessitating an update to the latest iOS version, which may not be jailbreakable.

Refer to our article you can find a comprehensive list of compatible SEP and Baseband configurations for FutureRestore downgrades to the unsigned firmware version.

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