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Updated May 17, 2024

Download Delta

Finalize the Delta setup effortlessly by initiating the file download. To finish the download process, simply click on one of the links provided below. You may find multiple options available. Once the download is finished, continue with the installation process. Remember to select the appropriate version for your operating system, whether it's for iOS, Windows, Linux, or macOS.

Release notes

Version 1.5.4

  • Pre-fills Games Database search bar with game name.
  • Revises Patreon settings section.
  • Updates Caroline’s + Grant’s credit URLs to Threads.
  • Adds “Credits” footer mentioning to follow Riley and Shane for Delta news.

Version 1.5.2

  • Pre-fills Games Database search bar with game name.
  • Revises Patreon settings section.
  • Updates Caroline’s + Grant’s credit URLs to Threads.
  • Adds “Credits” footer mentioning to follow Riley and Shane for Delta news.
  • Fixed AirPlay message covering touch screen when AirPlaying just top screen.
  • Fixed minor AirPlay message layout issues.
  • Hides Genesis controller mapping for public builds.

Version 1.5.1

  • Initial App Store release.
  • Updated social media account for Riley & Shane to Threads.
  • Adds "Support" settings section.

Version 1.5

  • Play multiplayer NES, SNES, and N64 games with friends.
  • Supports up to 4 players.
  • AirPlay Support.
  • Stream your games to the big screen with AirPlay.
  • [DS] Layout screens horizontally or vertically on TV.
  • [DS] Optionally AirPlay just top screen for true multi-screen experience.
  • Raised deployment target to iOS 14.0.
  • Automatically resolves Cheat + ControllerSkin sync conflicts.
  • Syncs GameSave.sha1 hash between devices to prevent redundant uploads.
  • Displays activity indicator when signing in.
  • Delays seeding Delta Sync database until initial sync.
  • Delays sync until after interactive Settings dismissal has completed.
  • Uses local modification date when uploading changes.
  • Saves change token to disk immediately after fetching remote changes.
  • Deauthenticates existing service when switching services.
  • Improved error message when remote storage is out of free space (Dropbox only).
  • Added detailed logging to help debug issues.
  • View complete error log by pressing "Export Error Log" in Settings.
  • Non-MFi Controller Support.
  • New default mappings for single Joy-Cons and Switch NES/SNES controllers.
  • Uses Logo/Home button as Delta pause button if controller has one.
  • Revised UI to use modern "inset grouped" style.
  • Uses large titles where appropriate.
  • Updates GoogleSignIn dependency to 5.0.2.
  • Removes Fabric + Crashlytics dependencies.
  • Replaces UIDocumentBrowserViewController with UIDocumentPickerViewController on iOS 17+.
  • Skips checksum verification when importing zipped games.
  • Adds "Learn More" links to FAQ thoughout the app.
  • Displays "Touch Screen" instead of "iPhone" or "iPad" when using touch controls.
  • Includes Delta Sync authentication error information in detailed error log.
  • Switches to weak references for EmulatorCore + VideoManager gameViews.
  • Adds GameView.isEnabled to enable/disable rendering per-GameView.
  • Fixed "Harmony.sqlite couldn't be opened" sync error when there are more than 1000 games.
  • Fixed "file does not exist" sync error after restoring previous version.
  • Fixed Delta Sync switch remaining OFF if users cancels "Disable Syncing?" warning alert.
  • Fixed incorrect mass conflicts when signing out then back in.
  • Fixed missing references to remote files when signing out then back in.
  • Fixed queued syncs sometimes fetching outdated changes.
  • Fixed accidentally using wrong account when signed-in to multiple services.
  • Fixed issue causing Harmony to skip seeding database, potentially overwriting local data with old remote data.
  • Fixed incorrectly marking some game saves as conflicted during initial sync.
  • Fixed accidentally signing-out after signing-in to previous Google Drive account.
  • Fixed incorrect font size for some labels.
  • Hides "Haptic Feedback" section on iPad.
  • Fixed accidentally deleting Games directory during sync in rare circumstances.
  • Fixed GridCollectionViewCell "Unable to simultaneously satisfy constraints" runtime error.
  • Delta 1.4 Changelog

  • Fixes the broken Real-Time Clock for some GBA games.
  • Supports Just-in-time (JIT) compilation for enhanced performance on devices with A12 or later running iOS 14.2 – iOS 14.3.
  • New core based on melonDS for DS emulation.
  • DS settings screen to switch cores and import melonDS BIOS files.
  • Fast-forward DS games.
  • Action Replay cheat codes for DS games (melonDS core).
  • Boot directly to Nintendo DS home screen and change system settings (melonDS core).
  • Support for 8-character NES Game Genie cheat codes.
  • Export save files for games from the context menu.
  • Fixes issue preventing game artwork from loading.

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