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ClassicFolders 3

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ClassicFolders 3 was a popular paid jailbreak tweak released by CoolStar that brought the iOS 6 folders look with a modern twist to iOS 13.0 - 14.8.1. After the tweak became open source, Lizynz modified it for recent jailbreaks (iOS 15 and newer) and released the compiled package on his GitHub. This is a test version and not all features are working.


ClassicFolders 3 was released as a paid package that can be purchased from the Havoc Store. The official version of this great tweak is compatible with iOS 13 and iOS 14. Recently, CoolStar released the source code on GitHub, leading to a free tweak update by Lizynz with rootless jailbreak support. Download ClassicFolders 3 from the How to install ClassicFolders 3 section.

What is ClassicFolders 3?

ClassicFolders 3 is the latest release of a tweak that brings iOS 6 folders design to modern jailbreaks running iOS 13 and beyond. Now, thanks to Lizynz the tweak was updated for iOS 15 and iOS 16, with some improvements including activating modern style automatically in Dark Theme. The rootless version was released as DEB and must be installed manually.

After the installation is completed, ClassicFolders 3 brings a new preference pane to the Settings app from where you can configure all options. From here you can toggle the tweak on or off on demand, select a a preferred folder aesthetic, or adjust animation speed via a slider.

Additional features include the possibility of using the traditional symbol and enabling its outline, using the basic icon shape, and respecting your iDevice to save any changes you've made. ClassicFolders 3 supports both iPhones and iPads.

Screenshot of ClassicFolders 3 preference pane and iOS 6 folder look.

ClassicFolders 3 was released as an open-source project under the BSD-4 license on the CoolStart GitHub repository. This version supports only rootful jailbreaks for iOS 13.0 – 14.8.1. There are already some forks that updated the tweak to make it work on Dopamine and Palera1n. CoolStart is no longer a part of the jailbreak community, working at Apple.

What's new

  • Added Wallpaper Blur option.
  • Add Auto Close Folder (switch in settings).
  • Fixed bug when editing folders.
  • Supports Bolders Reborn (only grid, max 4x5).
  • Added support for rootless jailbreaks on iOS 15 and iOS 16.
  • Fix indicators pages (dots) on Home Screen (test on OS 16).
  • Modern style automatically supports dark theme (Dark Tint deleted).

Unsurprisingly, ClassicFolders is the third iteration in a series of jailbreak tweaks that CoolStar has maintained over several years. The latest release is available to purchase via the Havoc Repo for $1.99 and supports any jailbreak that utilizes libhooker tweak injection.

How to install ClassicFolders 3 Free on iOS

ClassicFolders 3 with rootless support is available for download from Lizynz's Fork. This version does not offer iPad support or doesn't work on iPadOS 17. Other features most likely are compatible with iOS 15 and iOS 16. Users also notice issues with animations.

To install ClassicFolders 3 tweak on your jailbroken iOS device, follow the steps:

  1. Open the Sileo app from the Home Screen.
  2. Tap on the Sources tab, then select Edit.
  3. Download ClassicFolders 3 DEB rootless package.
  4. Send the ClassicFolders 3 DEB file to the Sileo app and install the package.
  5. To apply all changes to the device, a respiring may be required.
  6. Once installed, the ClassicFolders 3 tweak can be configured from the Settings app.
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