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Updated Apr 15, 2024

Download checkra1n Jailbreak

Finalize the checkra1n Jailbreak setup effortlessly by initiating the file download. To finish the download process, simply click on one of the links provided below. You may find multiple options available. Once the download is finished, continue with the installation process. Remember to select the appropriate version for your operating system, whether it's for iOS, Windows, Linux, or macOS.

Release notes

checkra1n 0.12.4 Changelog

  • Hotfix for A9X devices, which could not boot on 14.5 at all with 0.12.3.
  • Fix package dependency issues on the deb repo.

checkra1n 0.12.4 Changelog

  • Added support for iOS 14.5.
  • Preliminary support for M1 Macs - read the announcement.
  • New --force-revert command line option to force rootFS reverting without access to the loader app.
  • The included binpack has been updated and thinned.
  • Fixes an issue that caused the loader app to crash on tvOS 12.
  • Fixes checkra1n crashing on macOS if using a recent MobileDevice framework.
  • Fixes an issue that could cause the “terminal UI” to crash on Linux.
  • Fixes an issue where the “terminal UI” could leave the terminal in an unusable state on exit.
  • The “devhelper” process on Linux is now properly cleaned up on exit.

checkra1n 0.12.42 Changelog

  • Enables USB on AppleTV 4K during normal system operation.
  • Fixes A10 and A10X devices crashing when trying to jailbreak on iOS 14.3 or higher.
  • Fixes an issue where some LaunchDaemons were loaded on platforms where they should not have been.

checkra1n 0.12.1 Changelog

  • Adds an on-device alert to indicate checkra1n’s Safe Mode is active.
  • Adds support for iBridge SSH from the same host.
  • Partial support for the original HomePod (CLI only, tested to work with audioOS 13 and 14).
  • Fixes an issue that would often cause Safe Mode to be entered on iOS 14.2 regardless of whether the user requested it or not.
  • Safe Mode no longer loads 3rd-party LaunchDaemons.
  • NVRAM is now unlocked on iOS 14.2 as well.
  • Fixes an issue where jailbreaking an AppleTV fails on fresh tvOS installations.
  • The bundled dd binary now has the entitlement required to access block devices.
  • Fixes multiple memory leaks in early-boot binaries.
  • Changes some GUI internals that should reduce the chance of exploit failure and GUI hiccups.

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