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Tweaks Updated May 09, 2024

Barmoji tweak: Emoji Bar for keyboard on iOS 13 - iOS 16

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If you're looking to enhance your emoji typing experience on iOS devices, Barmoji is an innovative and popular jailbreak tweak worth considering. This tweak makes excellent use of the extra space on the iPhone X keyboard by replacing the empty space with a convenient Emoji Bar, allowing you to quickly access your favorite emojis.


  • Barmoji is a legendary jailbreak tweak released by CP Digital Darkroom, and abounded with the release of iOS 14. The official version supports iOS 10 – iOS 13.
  • During the past years, several jailbreak tweak developers released unofficial versions of Barmoji tweak adding support for iOS 14, iOS 15, and even iOS 16.
  • Johnnyb186 pushed out the most recent unofficial build of Barmoji 2023.4 and brings support for iOS 15 and iOS 16 on rootless environments.
  • There are different releases of Barmoji tweak with support for different platforms. All can be found in the How to install Barmoji section.


Barmoji is an amazing jailbreak tweak originally released by CP Digital Darkroom for rootful iOS 13. It was never officially updated to run on modern jailbreaks. However, Johnnyb186 made an update and released Barmoji Rootless with support for iOS 15 and beyond on his private repository. It means that this version can run on Dopamine and Palera1n.

What is Barmoji?

Barmoji is a free jailbreak tweak that enhances the stock keyboard's functionality, enabling you to access emojis quickly from the prediction bar. Originally designed for iOS 13, this tweak adds a selectable emoji view between the globe and dictation buttons on iPhone X's search bar. Barmoji can also be installed on the latest rootless jailbreaks such as Fugu15 and Dopamine.

After installation, the Barmoji tweak creates a new preference pane in the Settings app. This pane allows you to not only enable the tweak but also customize all its options according to your personal preferences. With this feature, you can tailor Barmoji to suit your needs, making it an even more valuable addition to the keyboard and making your messages even more expressive.

Lessica recently updated Barmoji to support iOS 15, along with the Palera1n and XinaA15 jailbreaks. However, this new version is not yet available in any repository and can only be installed by downloading a DEB package. Barmoji 2023.3 also includes a feature that allows you to select custom emojis from the tweak's preference pane. With this option, you can now add your custom selected emojis to your keyboard for quick access.

Two iPhone screens showing Barmoji tweak on iOS 15.

Barmoji offers a range of customization options to adapt the tweak to your personal preferences. You can easily toggle the tweak on or off on demand, as well as choose between using Recent or Custom Emojis. Additionally, you have the option to enable or disable displaying the Emoji bar at the bottom of the keyboard, set font size, and number of emojis per row.

What's more, the tweak also allows you to enable or disable the native Predictive bar, giving you more control over your keyboard's layout. Furthermore, you can configure haptic feedback according to your liking, picking from a range of options that include None, Extra light, Light, Medium, Strong, Strong 2, and Strong 3. Finally, you can even set a preferred scroll direction, selecting either horizontal or vertical scrolling depending on your preference.

What's new

  • Updated Barmoji tweak to version 2023.4.
  • Added support for rootless iOS 15 and iOS 16.
  • Add option to set emojis per row.
  • Add an option to adjust left and right offsets.
  • Add option to set custom height for bottom bar.
  • Removed full-width option, just 0 left and right insets for full width.
  • Add option to hide the globe button.
  • Add option to hide the dictation button.
  • Fix Barmoji being displayed during dictation.
  • Fix Barmoji being displayed while in the landscape bottom bar.

The developer has added a Respring button in the preference pane, enabling you to save any changes you make on demand. This button is a convenient feature that saves you time by eliminating the need to manually respring your device after making changes to tweak settings.

Barmoji tweak was originally created by CPDigitalDarkroom and released as an open-source project through the GitHub repository. Later, MiRO92 modified the tweak to bring support for newer devices. Recently, Lessica (developer of TrollSpeed) forked the project to deliver iOS 15 support, ensuring that Barmoji remains compatible with the latest jailbreaks.

You can also download the Barmoji tweak v2023.4 from Johnnyb186's personal repository, which supports rootless jailbreaks like Dopamine and Palera1n. To use the package, you may also need to download and install the Legacy arm64e support package from ElleKit.Space.

How to install Barmoji on iOS

Barmoji tweak was initially released as a free package that could be installed on iOS 10 through iOS 13 by adding the official CPDigitalDarkroom Repo to your package manager. However, if you want to use Barmoji on the latest rootless jailbreaks, including Dopamine or Palera1n, a separate package has been released via Johnnyb186 Repository.

To install Barmoji tweak using Sileo, follow the steps:

  1. Open the Sileo app from the Home Screen.
  2. Tap on the Sources tab, then select Edit button.
  3. Add the following repositories URLs:
  4. Find the Barmoji tweak and tap to install the package.
  5. Sileo will ask you to respring the device to finish the installation.
  6. From the Settings app, enable the Barmoji tweak.

Two iPhone screens showing the installation process of Barmoji DEB with Sileo.

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